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5 Industries Benefiting from the Implementation of Salesforce

July 1, 2022 in

Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is built to help organizations manage several business-critical functions. From employee onboarding to lead tracking, this software can provide several benefits to many industries. 

Salesforce is a critical investment for organizational success and efficiency. Here are the top 5 industries benefiting from the implementation of Salesforce. 

#1: Financial Services

Organizations in the financial sector, such as banks, lending firms, wealth management advisors, and insurance agencies, can benefit greatly from Salesforce. These companies can use the secure platform to understand their customers better, streamline processes like mortgage lending, and make smarter and faster decisions regarding their clients, all while complying with strict regulations. 

In fact, the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is designed to support financial services organizations. This tailored cloud includes powerful features:

  • Automation for critical processes, like complex regulatory workflows
  • Integration with intelligent desktop and virtual assistants
  • Insights powered by artificial intelligence that support workflows like claims processing
  • Portals for dedicated teams so that employees can provide personalized advice for each and every client

#2: Healthcare

Healthcare organizations can use Salesforce to improve patient relationships and support a high quality of care. With this platform in place, these organizations can gain a complete view of each patient and drive better outcomes by leveraging this data. 

The Salesforce Health Cloud was designed with medical providers, payers, and suppliers in mind and provides several secure features to support healthcare organizations. This platform is compliant with HIPAA regulations as well, ensuring that patient data is safe.

#3: Retail

Retailers can use Salesforce to track performance and build stronger relationships with their customers. Using the CRM tools embedded in the platform, companies can gain 360-degree views of their customers’ behavior and can leverage this data to build powerful customer experiences. 

#4: Manufacturing and Consumer Goods

Companies can use Salesforce to transform their manufacturing processes by gaining complete visibility into their data and operations. There are two Salesforce products that manufacturing and consumer goods companies can leverage: the Consumer Goods Cloud and the Manufacturing Cloud. 

Using the Manufacturing Cloud, for example, companies can increase transparency into their supply chains and unlock opportunities for efficiency. With the Consumer Goods Cloud, companies can plan store visits, streamline audits, and maximize in-store sales.

#5: Media and Communications

Media companies can leverage Salesforce to manage processes across channels. Salesforce centralizes data from multiple platforms at the same time, providing sales and marketing teams with a complete view of company activities. Leveraging this visibility, media and communications teams can create impactful strategies to engage with customers and keep them interested by building lasting relationships. 

Contact a Salesforce Implementation Specialist Today

From financial services and retail to healthcare, manufacturing, and beyond, Salesforce is a powerful platform that can bring benefits to several industries. If your organization is interested in adopting this cross-functional solution, it is important to configure the platform to meet your company’s unique needs.

That’s where HigherEchelon comes in. Our Salesforce implementation specialists can help you and your team configure this platform quickly and cost-effectively, avoiding future headaches and enabling you to get to work faster. 

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