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What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

February 6, 2019 in
Are you having a hard time keeping track of all your passwords? If you are like me, then you likely have a notepad with all your passwords scribbled down only to find yourself in crisis when the notepad goes missing. Fortunately, Salesforce can reduce the number of passwords your users need to keep track...
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The Power of Positive Thinking

January 31, 2019 in
Do you consider the glass half-full or half-empty? This old adage is commonly used in reference to one’s mentality as either optimistic or pessimistic. Research has shown time and again the benefits of optimism, which can be defined as the predisposition towards expecting favorable future outcomes.1 Optimistic individuals report fewer symptoms of depression, use...
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Leader Climate and Mission Success

January 25, 2019 in
One of the best assignments I had in the Army was an observer evaluator for an Army national training center called the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at FT Polk, Louisiana. JRTC enabled high stress, tough, and difficult training exercises for our Army brigade combat teams that would rotate through a free flow engagement...
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