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Case Study: Bringing Together Salesforce Consulting & High Performance Training for Yulista Holding LLC

HigherEchelon's key differentiator is that we bring together high performance training and transformational technology to solve the complex challenges facing organizations in today's modern business environment. For many clients, those challenges involve a mix of human capital and technology needs. On the one hand, organizations need to optimize and empower people to be resilient, adaptable,...
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Connecting Tableau & Salesforce

September 29, 2021 in
In 2019, Salesforce acquired Tableau Software, an American interactive data visualization software company. Tableau’s platform is designed to shape raw data into an easy-to-understand format. By using Tableau, even non-technical users are able to build comprehensive worksheets and dashboards. The system uses real-time data to provide accurate, reliable reporting. In carrying out this acquisition,...
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Is Salesforce the Right Solution for Your Business?

September 22, 2021 in
Salesforce is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that allows you to efficiently coordinate your marketing, commerce, sales, IT, and service teams. By uniting your efforts, Salesforce allows you to most effectively support your customers and their diverse needs. If you’re wondering whether Salesforce is the right fit for your business, I’ve put...
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7 Superb New Features in the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release

Author: Katie Levy If you’re a member of the Salesforce ecosystem, you know how exciting Salesforce release seasons can be! With new features and enhancements, community ideas delivered, and more, Salesforce’s three releases per year bring fantastic opportunities to take advantage of the platform’s free, real-time innovation. If you are new to the Salesforce...
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What Is Salesforce Lightning?

August 16, 2021 in
Salesforce Lightning is the next generation of the Salesforce user experience. This new tool can help organizations enhance productivity, increase conversions, and streamline internal processes on the customer relationship management (CRM) solution. For a business to leverage the full power of the Salesforce platform, it is important to understand the most important features of...
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