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10 Best Practices for Onboarding New Employees

May 15, 2021 in
Onboarding a new employee can be an exciting albeit stressful process. You will need to take care of tedious administrative tasks, from collecting payroll information to enrolling the new hire in your benefit plan. When bringing an employee into your organization, it is important to keep the following best practices in mind. #1: Create...
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Salesforce: Get Ready for the Summer ’21 Release

Author: Katie Levy We are only a short time away from the official start of summer and the last Salesforce release of the year! New to the Salesforce ecosystem? Missed our past articles on Salesforce releases? Do not worry, we are here to catch you up, and share some of our favorite features to...
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Can Salesforce Be Used for Recruiting?

May 1, 2021 in
Salesforce is an all-inclusive tool that serves a variety of use cases for businesses, from sales and marketing to analytics and customer service. For the recruitment industry, this customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers multiple solutions for prospect organization, new employee onboarding, human resource management, and more. By implementing Salesforce’s suite of tools into...
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What Is a Salesforce Admin?

April 15, 2021 in
If your business uses Salesforce, you can reap major benefits. The popular customer relationship management (CRM) software provides tools to help businesses improve their operations, targeting sectors from marketing analytics to pricing and task management. Without deep knowledge of Salesforce, however, companies can struggle to get the most out of the platform. Salesforce offers...
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Technology Change: 5 Costly Mistakes Orgs Make (and how to avoid them)

Author: Leah Crawford Editor: Rachel Bryars If you are like most modern professionals, you have probably experienced some form of new technology roll-out in your organization. The pace of today’s technological advancements has companies digitizing, migrating, and automating more than ever before. Every element of business operations can be digitized with software, and many...
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