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Is Your Data Safe on Salesforce?

May 31, 2022 in
As a business, data security is a top priority. When you implement customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce in your organization, you want to ensure that your information is safe and protected.  It is very common to wonder if your data is safe on Salesforce. Fortunately, Salesforce includes many important safeguards that are...
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11 Exciting Features and Announcements in the Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release

It is that time again – Salesforce release time! Are you new to the Salesforce ecosystem and not sure what this means for you? Are you a seasoned pro and curious about what Salesforce has in store for us? Regardless of your role or experience level, we have you covered with a review of...
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HigherEchelon Achieves Salesforce Crest Partner Status

HigherEchelon, Inc. Salesforce Consulting Partner Achieves CREST (formerly known as Gold) Status HigherEchelon, Inc. is proud to announce our achievement of yet another milestone showcasing our expertise and ability to provide best-in-class Salesforce solutions across both the public and private sectors, and across industries. The team recently attained Crest Tier status as a Salesforce...
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How to Get the Most from Your Salesforce Implementation

March 24, 2022 in
By: Katie Levy, HigherEchelon Lead Salesforce Consultant Salesforce is currently the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and with good reason. It’s used by thousands of businesses and organizations with a variety of goals and use cases and can be used to do everything from engaging customers with relevant digital marketing, launching ecommerce,...
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How to Make the Employee Onboarding Process Easier for Everyone with Salesforce

New employee onboarding is the perfect time to acclimate new hires to their roles, introduce them to company policies, and help them to feel like part of a team. But every employee onboarding process comes with its own challenges. New hires are bombarded with requisite paperwork and often need to seek assistance while trying...
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