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Leah Crawford

Leah leads HigherEchelon’s Operational Effectiveness and Analytics group and focuses on digital transformation, analytics, and systems-based thinking to achieve excellence.
M.A. Economics, University of Alabama

Leah Crawford is HigherEchelon’s Director of Operational Effectiveness & Analytics. Her career began in Economic Consulting, where she worked on high profile financial, white-collar, and business litigation suits, primarily performing complex financial analyses and data modeling. It was during this time when she helped juries make data-based decisions in high-stakes matters that her passion for the power of analytics developed.

Since joining HigherEchelon, Leah has further developed HigherEchelon’s program operations, quality, process, and analytical framework. In 2019, Leah led the company to achieve a Maturity Level 2 rating in the Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) and an ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Leah has also led the development of our cloud-based operating system, the Enterprise Management Platform (EMP). The EMP runs on Salesforce and provides a modern experience for employees to access resources, ask for help, manage performance, and collaborate in a data-rich ecosystem that also manages our sales, recruiting, contract, and program management operations. The EMP has been HigherEchelon’s innovative answer to the challenges of the modern business environment, including remote work and data-driven insights.

Leah is passionate about making organizations better, and at the crux of improvement is evaluation. Leah has developed HigherEchelon’s program and organizational effectiveness evaluation processes. She’s led the data evaluation effort on multi-million dollar government programs to show effectiveness of service. In addition, Leah has become a leading service provider of change management services for government and commercial clients. Leah’s expertise in change management focuses on technical implementations, ensuring value-based systems, human-centered designs, seamless transitions, and user adoption. Leah has helped clients with Salesforce implementations, Oracle implementations, and even organizational culture change efforts.