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Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship: Joe Ross on Beyond the Uniform Podcast

June 1, 2021


HigherEchelon President and Co-founder Joe Ross, PhD appeared on Beyond the Uniform Podcast to discuss Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship and what it takes to start a business. Ross and podcast host Justin Nassiri discussed effective mindsets for transitioning military service members, overcoming obstacles, and how to build teams around peoples’ strengths.

Selected Resources Mentioned: 

Time Stamps:

  • Joe’s background [3:07]

  • When to quit your job [11:01]

  • How Joe knew that there was a missing person or skill set that he needed to round out his founding team [18:38]

  • Let values guide your career decisions [23:08]

  • HigherEchelon [27:12]

  • The biggest blind spot for military personnel transitioning [30:56]

  • Joe’s recommended resources [34:37]

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