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You Can’t Change ‘Culture’ Until You Understand It

Author: Donnie Horner, Ph.D. Editor: Rachel Bryars Culture is one of the most expressed and least understood concepts on Earth. As one NFL observer (accurately) noted, there is not a newly hired head coach who does not address the need to change the culture of the team. Other observers (incorrectly) note: “Coach X is...
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Why most change management efforts fail (and 4 ways to help them succeed)

Author: Dr. Donnie Horner Editor: Rachel Bryars Maybe your organization is transitioning to a new technology and team members are digging in their heels.  Maybe there is an important organization-wide initiative that is floundering. Why do most change efforts fail? Often, because they require a change to some aspect of an organization’s culture. What...
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Don’t Go Easy On High Achievers | HigherEchelon President Joe Ross on ESPN 97.7 Radio

September 10, 2020 in
Organizational psychology expert and HigherEchelon President Dr. Joe Ross recently appeared on ESPN 97.7 Radio with Thom Abraham to talk why sports involvement can lead to high performing, resilient, and adaptable leaders and why you shouldn't go easy on achievement-oriented athletes, especially those who play at the Academies. "One of the biggest mistakes any...
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The Work Before The Work: Understanding Organizational Needs

November 19, 2018 in
Case Study: Part 1 This blog post is part 1 of 2 detailing our work over the past year with a growing diagnostic company. The company wanted to better equip their leaders to lead and thrive through change. In part 1, we will highlight how we conducted a needs assessment that informed our multi-pronged intervention...
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