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Building a High Performing Sales Team for a Fortune 500 Medical Technology Firm

Background: This firm is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, employing over 33,000 employees globally who are driven to make healthcare better. As such, they offer innovative products and services in Orthopedics, Medical and Surgical, and Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes.

Situation: One of the firm’s General Managers was leading a managerial team that had not met its sales quota in 14 years. They had experienced some turnover and lacked a common mindset and culture to drive them to the next level. The GM was looking for training that would help his managers embrace a mindset of high performance and create a winning culture. Specifically, the GM sought solutions that would:

  • Improve managers’ ability to perform as individuals and more effectively lead sales teams
  • Establish a common high-performance mindset among managers
  • Develop mental and emotional skills that reinforce their previous technical sales training
  • Create a winning culture that shapes behaviors and translates them into action

Solution: HigherEchelon delivered a two-day RAL© workshop for Sales managers that provided direct instruction and hands-on exercises for participants to learn and apply how to achieve high performance, lead others, adopt a high-performance mindset, establish a winning culture, improve their team, and ultimately, their organization’s performance. To reinforce the RAL© workshop training, HigherEchelon practitioners developed an action-plan, using techniques that shaped behaviors among managers and demonstrated how leaders apply high performance techniques into their teams using group coaching as an accountability measure in applying these habits routinely.

Impacts: As a result of the training, the customer further developed a winning culture and shaped a mindset among managers and sales representatives alike. As the FY continued, the leaders congregated for group coaching sessions to discuss gritty performances and different ideas each were using to drive to meet their year-end goals. Ultimately, as a result of great products and services, the focused effort of their sales representatives, and a mindset and culture shaped by HigherEchelon’s training, the customer reached their quota for the first-time in 14 years.

“In medical sales, like sports, the mental game is essential. HigherEchelon’s performance-based approach to training had a very positive impact to my sales team’s performance. We overcame so much doubt, rejection, and negativity to build trust, lasting relationships, and improve our overall culture, and finished with our best year ever. Success in sales requires teams to win in all phases of the cycle: preparation, execution, and follow up ~ much like competitive sports. Clearing our mind, adding focus, and uniting a leadership team to these principles were beacons to our success. I am certain these improved, sustained behaviors allow us to consistently achieve our goals. This training helped me achieve business results simply because it helped me get the best out of my team. HigherEchelon’s training shaped a mindset that reinforced our technical sales training, enhanced our ability to manage change and remain focused amidst distractions. Ultimately, HigherEchelon helped us establish a winning culture and behaviors to consistently achieve our company goals over time.” – General Manager