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Applicant Tracking Solutions with Salesforce

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Overall, it’s been a great experience! We were able to make a much more enjoyable experience for the user as a result of this partnership.

– Client, Higher Education sector, public review on Salesforce AppExchange

Is your organization’s recruitment and applicant tracking process more complex than necessary and difficult to manage?

We understand, and we can help. At HigherEchelon, we believe any organization’s greatest asset is its people, and without efficient recruiting, applicant tracking, and employee onboarding, organizations risk losing the opportunity to bring in the best talent.

Talent management processes do not have to be burdensome, inefficient, and scalable only in proportion to the number of staff members you have. With a properly architected Salesforce implementation, you can track candidates through the recruitment, application, and onboarding stages of the employee journey using automated processes that save time and money and can easily be scaled as your organization grows.

Applicant tracking can be complex. We can help simplify it.

Our clients often need better tools to manage the process from start to finish. This includes all steps from formalizing and approving the requirements of a role to flexibly sourcing and tracking qualified candidates, and coordinating across multiple resources before, during, and after the interview process. Clients often need better ways to manage multiple handoffs within and across divisions, and numerous and potentially redundant forms within multiple systems required as applicants move through each stage. They need to improve confusing and frustrating workflows involving hiring managers, human resources officers, interview panel members, the candidate, and others throughout an organization.

Our solutions leverage the Salesforce platform to streamline and simplify recruiting, tracking, and onboarding talent, resulting in:

  • More efficient processes for creating job postings, gaining approvals, and posting to a public site that candidates can see and respond to quickly and efficiently
  • The ability to capture candidate interest on any kind of device at the point of contact with the ability to associate the interest to the event where contact occurred
  • Effective websites where authorized users can view, edit, and track their applications
  • Dramatic reduction in the amount of manual data entry
  • Reduction or complete elimination of emails between incoming candidates and human resources professionals
  • Efficiencies gained in other communications
  • Ease of collecting multiple interviewers’ input on prospective candidates
  • Reporting and dashboards with real-time visibility into the status of the recruiting pipeline and applicant status
  • Improved processes for selecting, coordinating, and interacting with job stakeholders
  • A clean and efficient assessment of candidates under consideration
  • Centralized knowledge sharing, providing better employee experiences down the road

Imagine the ease and efficiency on the other side of an effective Salesforce implementation.

At HigherEchelon, we know how fast technology changes, how fierce the competition to recruit and hire the best talent can be, and how important it is that any processes or tools used in any organization can scale with the ebbs and flows of business.

That is why our team of experts has invested time in developing the most efficient, effective ways to leverage the Salesforce platform in ways that help propel candidates through the recruiting pipeline and into their new roles. And we know the tools work because we use them ourselves.

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Why choose HigherEchelon?

As an award-winning Ridge-level Salesforce Consulting Partner, we have experience solving a full range of human resources challenges by harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform and our team of expert Salesforce professionals.

We can work to drastically improve and streamline workflows so organizations can quickly and efficiently recruit, hire, onboard, and train new employees in user-friendly experiences that get employees off to a great start. We know because we have done it before, and we use our own applicant tracking and onboarding tools within our own organization.

Most organizations require an implementation partner to help them maximize their Salesforce investment and see all of its benefits. 

Read the white paper we co-authored with Salesforce for a fuller description of the employee experience solutions we provide through our Salesforce consulting and implementations — Modernizing the Employee Experience: Driving Organizational Performance Through Digital Transformation


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