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Is your organization resilient & adaptable enough to keep pace in the modern business environment?

The modern business environment is globally competitive, rapidly evolving, and inundated with complex information. Organizations that adapt and effectively navigate change succeed. Those that do not are often left behind.

HigherEchelon is an award-winning consulting firm that maximizes human performance & integrates transformational technology to unlock organizational excellence.

Our team lives the HigherEchelon values of Learn, Grow, Adapt, and Lead by applying our Resilient and Adaptable Leader proprietary model in all our business lines. As leading experts in Engineering, Gaming, Enterprise Technology, Cyber and Human Capital, we provide solutions for complex problems in ambiguous situations combining people, processes and technology to bring organizations up to speed and give them an edge on the competition.

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“Leadership, especially resilient leadership, can and will make or break organizations undergoing challenges like Merck…Finally, training on emotional intelligence.” DIRECTOR, MERCK GLOBAL PROCUREMENT
“It is rare to find experiences that are this impactful. This program is relevant to any leader and any industry contributor. It is an essential ingredient to exceeding in any company and any industry. I highly recommend it.” DIRECTOR, PAYPAL CORPORATE TREASURY
“The HigherEchelon training was one of the best, most useful, and eye-opening experiences. The workshop was the best use of time and money spent by eBay during my tenure.” EXECUTIVE, EBAY TREASURY DEPARTMENT

Our people are industry experts & thought leaders

Avoid Costly Misteps with Established & Proven Solutions

Experience and expertise matter. Are you getting scientifically-based, trustworthy advice?

HigherEchelon’s professionals hold advanced degrees from elite institutions and bring years of applied industry experience at the highest levels. Our high performing team combines their expertise with modern technology solutions that align functionality with business strategy. 

Transforming Organizations through Trusted Partnerships

We provide clients the tools and skills required to succeed in complex environments and lead through continuous change.

We are trusted partners who can guide your organization through a tailored, step-by-step process based on best practices and applied science, assessing success & readiness all along the way, so you remain agile, responsive, and see the return on your investment.


Trusted by Leaders of American Industry