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HigherEchelon is a leadership development & organizational performance consulting firm providing human capital and technology services to optimize performance

Our offerings in Human Capital ServicesSalesforce Implementation, and Gaming + Simulation Development services help achieve client goals and optimize the output of people, processes and technology. We work with you to identify requirements, develop strategies, implement solutions, and deliver results.

We offer Management Training & Corporate Training Programs using innovative technology

We prepare your organization to meet the rapidly changing, complex and often ambiguous requirements of today’s world by developing Resilient and Adaptive leaders, modernizing and enhancing processes, and implementing transformational technology solutions.

HigherEchelon’s competitive edge resides in our ability to bring these three domains together to maximize human and organizational performance


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“Leadership, especially resilient leadership, can and will make or break organizations undergoing challenges like Merck…Finally, training on emotional intelligence.” DIRECTOR, MERCK GLOBAL PROCUREMENT
“It is rare to find experiences that are this impactful. This program is relevant to any leader and any industry contributor. It is an essential ingredient to exceeding in any company and any industry. I highly recommend it.” DIRECTOR, PAYPAL CORPORATE TREASURY
“The HigherEchelon training was one of the best, most useful, and eye-opening experiences. The workshop was the best use of time and money spent by eBay during my tenure.” EXECUTIVE, EBAY TREASURY DEPARTMENT

Our people are industry experts

We are Client Focused, Collaborative, and Solution Oriented

Our industry experts work alongside clients to develop winning solutions that support improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

HigherEchelon’s leadership and professionals hold advanced degrees from elite institutions and bring years of applied experience to every engagement. Our high-performing team combines their expertise with modern technology to develop quality solutions that align functionality with business strategy. We offer leadership development training and corporate training programs to improve your management training development.

Offering effective professional development and technology transformation services

As professionals in training, technology, and engineering solutions we provide our clients the tools and skills required to be transformational leaders, digitally transform organizations, and lead through continuous change.


Trusted by Leaders of American Industry