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Merging Enterprise Technology with Cybersecurity to Solve Complex Problems

We deliver enterprise technology and cyber solutions

The HigherEchelon team provides information technology  and cybersecurity experts who translate client needs into solutions.  Our expertise covers the full range of challenges organizations face and our approach optimizes people, processes, and technology to drive greater organization performance.

From the modernization and cloud migration to cyber operations and training, our professionals deliver innovative solutions.

HigherEchelon’s professionals are uniquely situated in the defense, veteran affairs, and private sector. Our work spans from designing, developing, and testing critical defense systems to building dynamic gaming apps and customer relationship management platforms.

It is clear to us that business problems are not cookie cutter and, therefore, solutions should not be either. Whether you are in need of Enterprise Technology Solutions or cyber security training services, our unique experience ensures the solutions you receive are tailored to your needs by people who understand the industry and how to optimize organizational performance.


The global marketplace is uncertain and competitive which demands innovation and transformation. HigherEchelon’s information technology professionals are instilled with our company values – Learn, Grow, Adapt, Lead – to foster innovation. These core values are variables that combine to produce innovative and transformative solutions.

Our  experience with complex systems coupled with our ability to attract and retain key talent produces winning results. Moreover, our  specialized expertise in Human Capital helps organizations leverage core competencies such as strong cultural values, creativity, and flexibility to adapt and manage through change.


Innovative solutions require tried and true methodologies for quality production. At HigherEchelon, we manage the entire software and system development lifecycle following an Agile methodology to ensure thorough, quality products.

Additionally, our management has established a quality framework that achieved Maturity Level 3 under the CMMI Services model and certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our goal is to improve your organization through innovation and transformation

HigherEchelon is a Yext Integration Partner.  Yext is a cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) search tool that creates a knowledge graph of information, and uses that to deliver more relevant and personalized search results than keyword searching. It uses Typescript as its customization and scripting tool.  To learn more contact us at SalesOpportunities@higherechelon.com.