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Full Lifecycle Software Development

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Projects often involve complex regulations and evolving needs, leading to frequent changes in requirements. This can cause scope creep, where the project’s size and complexity balloon beyond initial estimates, impacting budgets, timelines, and quality.

HigherEchelon knows that it is critical to balance the evolution of a project’s requirements against keeping the project on schedule and budget. We accomplish this through employing agile methodologies, prioritizing core functionalities, and collaborating with stakeholders to ensure that acceptance criteria are clearly defined.


Starting software development without thorough requirements gathering can lead to poorly defined goals, missed functionalities, and systems that don’t meet user needs.

HigherEchelon’s engineers conduct thorough requirements analysis, streamlining the process of gathering documenting, and managing software requirements. By investing in user research, involving stakeholders early, and utilizing iterative development with frequent feedback loops, we ensure a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements and objectives.


The intricate nature of procurement processes, coupled with unforeseen changes and resource limitations, can lead to schedule delays, and missed deadlines. This can have cascading effects on budgets, public perception, and program outcomes.

HigherEchelon works in lockstep with its customers to ensure that projects are completed on time by utilizing realistic planning, implementing robust risk management strategies, and improving communication and collaboration with stakeholders through agile development methodologies.


Inadequate testing, rushed development, and unclear quality standards can lead to software riddled with defects. This can compromise system functionality, data security, and user experience, posing risks to public trust and mission objectives.

Software testing and remediation is a core competency at HigherEchelon. We employ comprehensive testing strategies, enforce code reviews, and employ continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices.


Introducing new software can be met with resistance from users accustomed to existing systems. Addressing training needs, effectively communicating change, and ensuring user buy-in are crucial for successful adoption and maximizing the software’s impact.

HigherEchelon mitigates the risk of these issues by providing comprehensive training sessions to ensure that users are set up for success, proactively addressing user concerns, and incentivizing early adoption through user involvement in the development process.

Our Work


The MIM-104 Patriot missile system is a combat-proven Surface to Air Missile (SAM) system that uses high-performance radar and advanced interceptors to provide defenses against enemy missiles and aircraft in the Lower Tier Airspace. The Patriot missile system is in use by the United States and 16 of its allies, making it one of the most deployed SAM systems in the world. It is expected to remain fielded until at least 2040. HigherEchelon’s talented engineers support this mission-critical system by providing software support to the Patriot Tactical Planner Workstation (TPW), which consists of the Battle Space Designer (BSD) and the Common Data Link Interface Module (CDLIM).

HigherEchelon provides software development and support to the Battle Space Designer (BSD), which is used by Patriot operators for tactical planning and air defense command and control (C2). The BSD provides an automated solution for defense design planning, weapon system initialization, and situational awareness monitoring. Automated decision support tools enable commanders to quickly formulate effective air defense plans by accounting for variables during combat preparation.

HigherEchelon also supports the Patriot Common Data Link Interface Module (CDLIM), which ensures interoperability amongst multiple weapon and sensor platforms by rapidly processing data that is received and transmitted over various link protocols, including Link 16, Satellite TADIL-J, JREAP, and SIMPLE. CDLIM established media-independent data links in support of force and engagement operations, allowing host tactical platforms to interface effectively. It enables tactical data transmission over digital media and networks that may not have been originally designed for tactical data exchange. HigherEchelon’s support of the CDLIM ensures that our weapon systems and sensors are able to seamlessly communicate with each other and our allies on the battlefield, maintaining competitive overmatch against our adversaries.


The AH-64 Apache attack helicopter is one of the most iconic, and effective, air platforms employed by the United States. HigherEchelon ensures the continued functionality of the Apache by providing comprehensive support for the platform’s avionics software. The avionics software manages the operations of the air platform, including communications, navigation, weapons systems, countermeasures, and the Pilot Vehicle Interface. HigherEchelon’s engineers are deeply involved in every step of the software development cycle, including the generation of requirements, review of the SOW, design reviews, and systems engineering.

Additionally, HigherEchelon’s software engineers replicated the AH-64’s OEM software test environment. This test environment performs exhaustive tests of software before it is deployed onto a live aircraft for testing, ensuring that the software is compliant with all requirements and does not pose a threat to the pilot or aircraft.