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Enterprise Technology Services

Leaders in the full spectrum of services for enterprise technology including development, operations and maintenance, analytics at scale, modernization and cloud migration

HigherEchelon provides cloud computing and enterprise technology services, with a focus on process modernization and efficiency. We manage projects utilizing an agile framework, with both technology and process lenses, to enhance the business value of the enterprise platform.

What We Do

We design, develop, deploy and maintain Enterprise Technology that supports:

Health Financial Services

  • Processing and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for billing, 3rd party insurance and claims
  • Fraud Detection
  • Financial Reporting and Data Analytics
  • Accounting, Reconciliation & Reporting
  • Customer Engagement and Support – Payment Resolution, Vendor Management, Invoice and Payment Processing
  • Payroll, Corporate Travel & Credit Card Support

Health Data Consolidation, Integration, and Analytics

  • Secure and scalable consolidation and integration of administrative and clinical data
  • Migration of disparate and disconnected on-premises data sources to an integrated cloud environment
  • Creation and deployment of SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) based Middleware that orchestrates rules-based and event-driven enterprise identity management, secure data sharing and validation, and provision of web services to consuming applications
  • API (Application Programming Interface) and microservices development and deployment
  • Application development and modernization
  • Data repository management and advanced data analytics

Health Services Engagement and Telehealth

  • Online health management and portal development
  • Integration of online systems with back-end clinical and administrative systems
  • Creation of “engagement layer” systems, providing users with a seamless, easy to use and navigate overlay of multiple complex back-end systems

How We Do It

We focus on helping our customers achieve organizational excellence in Enterprise Technology through:

  • Business process redesign and optimization
  • Agile application development and DevSecOps automation
  • CI/CD pipeline design and management
  • Existing application modernization and Cloud Migration
  • Data and application integration
  • SOA, API and microservice development, deployment and maintenance
  • Cybersecurity operations support
  • Cloud on on-premises infrastructure design, deployment and maintenance
  • Program and technical management, software engineering, and database management

Our Enterprise Technology Expertise

  • Cloud Migration
  • On Premises and Cloud Agile Software Development
  • DevSecOps
  • SOAP and REST API development
  • Custom SOA Orchestration
  • Data Mapping, Management & Migration
  • Business Analysis & Automation
    • AI/ML

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