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Solutions For Data Governance and Analytics

What Problems Can We Solve?

Are you awash in data, but facing challenges in leveraging that data for insights? Are you concerned that your data isn’t secure or that your data repositories aren’t compliant with evolving regulations and requirements?  Is your data accurate, complete? Do all your systems have the same data for the same reality? Can you reliably combine data across systems or departments to provide actionable intelligence?

Our Capabilities


Our data experts can help you face the challenge of inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent data that hinders the reliability and effectiveness of advanced analytics. Our understanding of best practices in data governance can help you ensure security and compliance in handling sensitive data, and our framework-based, systematic approach to data management will give you the tools you need to establish and enforce data governance policies and manage metadata. Our experience in handling large volumes of data and ensuring timely, efficient access for analytics will help you achieve operational insights in time to leverage them.


HigherEchelon experts help our clients unlock the power of data to provide actionable insights through implementing and managing advanced analytics processes such as machine learning and predictive modeling. Our team enables evidence-based decision making in real or near real-time to improve outcomes for our clients and lower costs, and can help you design data handling systems with sufficient infrastructure and processing speeds to support your analytics requirements.

Our Work


The Summit Data Platform (SDP) represents the cloud-based cornerstone of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), functioning as an Enterprise Data Analytics platform dedicated to serving various VA administrations, staff offices, and the broader data analytics communities. Its primary objective is to empower data analysts by providing them with the tools to extract meaningful insights from meticulously governed VA authoritative data, unveiling patterns, and facilitating data-driven decision-making processes for the betterment of veterans.


Our team supports the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Community Care (OCC), with the processing of non-VA services provided to veterans.  The Program Integrity Tool validates claims from non-VA facilities and clinics with analytics and scoring which enable the VA in making claim decisions for payment or denial of payment.