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What Problems Can We Solve?

How prepared is your organization for migrating existing applications or infrastructure to the cloud? Are there concerns about data transfer, downtime, or compatibility during migration? How agile is your development methodology, and are there challenges in adapting to cloud-native development practices? Are there specific legacy systems or applications causing bottlenecks? Have you encountered challenges in integrating cloud solutions with your existing IT infrastructure or applications? How seamless is the communication between on-premises and cloud-based systems?

Our Capabilities


HigherEchelon has experience and expertise in modernizing legacy systems through adapting or replacing them with more contemporary solutions, often leveraging cloud technologies for enhanced scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. Modernizing legacy systems can be complex, since they are often interconnected with other systems and processes within an organization, and can be deeply integrated into an organization’s operations. Modernization is often necessary, yet risky in terms of how vital a system is to operations. We can help your organization gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and considerations associated with modernizing legacy systems, particularly in the context of transitioning to cloud-based solutions. Our experts will guide you in developing a comprehensive and effective modernization strategy that aligns with the organization’s goals and minimizes potential disruptions.


HigherEchelon’s experts can help your organization assess your existing infrastructure, including hardware, software and data storage solutions to spot potential risks associated with cloud migration. We can help you align your cloud migration approach to your organizational goals and objectives, assess your preparedness, identify potential challenges, and develop a comprehensive strategy for your successful migration to a cloud or hybrid environments that improves outcomes and reduces risk.


HigherEchelon can help you integrate DevSecOps practices to help development and operations teams collaborate and communicate and facilitate continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Our experts integrate agile methodologies and cloud-native development practices to help you build, deploy and scale applications efficiently in cloud environments. Our approach to agile, cloud-native development encourages a culture of continuous learning and improvement, fostering innovation and staying current with evolving technologies. We can help you gain a deeper understanding of their current practices,

identify challenges, and implement strategies for optimizing their software development processes in cloud environments.

Our Work


By consolidating and coordinating enterprise service offerings across existing systems, ESIP enables Veterans to access and manage their information in a more efficient and intuitive way. ESIP uses a leading-edge scalable Agile delivery model to manage the Veteran Affairs’ Enterprise Services (ES) product lines holistically, providing a pathway to innovation and streamlining Veteran-facing services by increasing visibility and accessibility of Veteran data and services. Introducing automation and aligning feature development and data management to reduce the disparate nature of existing services, making it simple for both Veterans and VA service providers to find, identify, and access Veteran data and services.