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Cyber Security Training Services

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We are trusted leaders in providing technical cyber training, cyber planning and operations training, and cybersecurity operational services and support.

What We Do

Cyber Operational Support – HigherEchelon’s cyber security operations team provides experts that identify, detect, protect, and rapidly respond to assure containment and remediation (recover) of any security attacks against the US Department of Veterans Affairs computer network systems.

Our Cyber Operational Expertise Includes:

  • Layer 3 and 7 firewall, IDS/IPS configuration and monitoring
  • Log Aggregation and Analysis at Scale
  • SIEM implementation and operation
  • Red Teaming and Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Detection & Remediation
  • Cyber Threat Modelling
  • Cyber Forensics & Malware Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessments and Compliance support


The VA-CSOC is responsible for identifying indicators of adversarial presence on the VA network on a 24/7/365 basis via maintaining an understanding of the motivations, tactics, techniques, and procedures of cyber adversaries. If a loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability has occurred we move to disrupt the adversary’s activities through containment, mitigation, and eradication. The VA-CSOC performs independent verification and validation of VA’s cyber security posture, performs cyber-related reporting to outside Agencies, and leads Departmental efforts to prepare for and defend against emerging and imminent threats.

Develop skilled practitioners to compete and win on the cyber battlefield

HigherEchelon’s cyber security training services team consists of operationally experienced technical experts that provide highly technical and cutting-edge networking, operating systems, and information security training. We have delivered high quality cyber instruction to the US military since 2016.


  • Basic and Advanced Programming/Scripting
  • Developing & delivering technical cyber training.
  • Instructing military offensive and defensive cyber operations & planning.
  • Assessing technical cyber expertise
  • Designing and managing realistic & challenging cyber exercises in a hybrid (virtual – physical) environment.


CCTC is a nine week course designed to enable student self-development in foundational topics for cyberspace operations. It builds upon the Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC), producing graduates that meet the Intermediate Cyber Core (ICC) standard and understand the technical principles that exploit vulnerabilities and defend proactively. This capability propels graduates beyond blind reliance on a specific tool or weapons system, enabling them to solve the cyberspace problems our nation will face in the future. CCTC topics include programming, system and network enumeration, network traffic manipulation, cryptography, computer science theory, and exploitation and mitigation of security vulnerabilities. Throughout the course, students are required to think through difficult, multidimensional, real-world scenarios and apply learned skills to develop solutions.


HigherEchelon’s seasoned and experienced instructors provide instruction on cyberspace planning, training, integration, and synchronization in support of Army formations at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. HigherEchelon provides specialized capabilities in design and development of operational doctrine, strategy, and implementation of Department of Defense cyber capabilities. Our human dimension expertise prepares future CMF leaders to attack, exploit and defend within the Cyber Domain and the entire Multi-Domain Battle environment. We stand poised to leverage our Gaming and Simulation expertise to facilitate the training of our nation’s continuously evolving CMF.

Our team consists of career professionals in the following areas:

  • Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Offensive & Defensive Cyberspace Operations (OCO & DCO)
  • Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN)
  • Combined Arms Maneuver and Targeting
  • Collection Management and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)


The CSRA course is a hands-on evaluation of cyber tasks coupled with an introduction to electronic warfare. This course facilitates the evaluation and assessment of the full breadth of student’s knowledge using a fusion of cyber and electronic warfare tactics, techniques, and procedures within a common exercise. It leverages both a physical and virtual scenario-based exercise environment which is designed to represent real-world cyberspace operations.


MCASP is a TRADOC initiative designed to support the Army’s Battle Command Training Strategy (BCTS) and Mission Command Training Strategy Implementation Plan (MCTSIP). This program supports Mission Command training to Professional Military Education (PME) and Initial Military Training (IMT) classes in various Officer, Warrant Officer, and Noncommissioned officer Courses in the United States Army Cyber Center of Excellence for the Signal School at Ft Gordon, GA.