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Gaming and Simulation Services

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Immerse customers and learners in virtually enhanced experiences

Two-dimensional experiences are no longer enough in the modern, online marketplace and in a variety of learning and training contexts. Today’s customers, trainees, students, and even athletes, are quickly coming to expect 3D elevated and immersive experiences that bring products, education, and training to life.

Companies and organizations that adapt to this growing demand by embracing solutions such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Gaming solutions, and application development, set themselves apart from the competition and stay relevant amidst rapidly changing technology.

HigherEchelon can catapult your offerings to the next level with custom-designed immersive technology that your customers, employees, trainees, students, or athletes will love.

We create custom Gaming and Simulation solutions that drive business impacts

Virtual Training Solutions & Sports Technology Consulting

Some of America’s best loved games were designed and developed by our team in support of the Army Game Studio, including GoArmyEdge Football, the virtual training solution praised by ESPN commentators, NFL players, NCAA teams, and thousands of coaches and players across the country. We also provide consulting and training services for coaches and teams who want to get the most out of their use of the free GoArmyEdge suite of apps.

[GoArmyEdge Football] is a great invention. I praise the people who did it because it helps us a lot. …We just press play on the computer and then the play will snap and it gives us a good indication of what spot we need to be in and exactly what the play looks like.” — Grant Delpit, NFL and former All-American LSU player in an ESPN interview

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Whether its an online demo that showcases a 3D version of your product, or an immersive training experience for remote employees, we provide exciting Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions that take experiences to the next level, engaging a full range of senses and emotions as users engage with the product or training.

Serious Games and Trainers

We build Serious Games and Trainers for soldiers and others who need realistic training environments that safely reproduce the challenging, complex, intense, and often dangerous real-world environments and situations they enter. We can build serious trainers to meet the needs of any industry in which realistic training is paramount to prepare for adverse environments.

Educational Gaming and STEM applications

Today’s learner has a growing spectrum of resources available to support their learning style and educational journey. The award-winning STEM games and applications we helped design and develop are scalable resources that kids and adults use to reinforce information in memorable formats that make learning fun. We can create engaging applications to support any learning objective.

Why choose HigherEchelon for your Gaming and Simulation needs?

HigherEchelon provides next-level customer service in end-to-end solutions that eliminate the need to use multiple vendors and draws upon our deep strategic expertise to build solutions that will still be relevant for years to come. We utilize a process-oriented approach to ensure the client’s vision is front and center through each stage of design and development from initial brainstorms through release and post-launch support.

Experts in Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, and more

We utilize game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity 3D and do cross-platform development across PC (Windows/Mac/Linux), Mobile (iOS/Android), and Browser technologies (HTML5/WebGL).

Our team takes gaming and simulation to the next level with the use of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR). We have developed training applications using the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and Apple ARKit platforms.


Since 2012, HigherEchelon has supported the Army Game Studio in the design, development, and deployment of serious games, AR/VR trainers, STEM applications and Army outreach applications.

America’s Army Platform

Proving Grounds | Gaming Simulation TrainingHigherEchelon supports the Army Game Studio in the ongoing development of the America’s Army Platform. This platform was initially created for America’s Army, a popular free-to-play first-person online game. The most recent version, America’s Army: Proving Grounds, is available on PC via Steam on the PlayStation 4 console.

Serious Games and Trainers

In addition to the public game, Army Game Studio uses America’s Army Platform to develop serious games and trainers for soldiers. Our developers have supported Army Game Studio in the development of many of these serious games and trainers:

  • Transportable, Reconfigurable, Integrated Crew Trainer (TRICT)
  • Javelin Enhanced Producibility Basic Skills Trainer (EPBST)
  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Virtual Crew and Dismount Trainers (NBC Dismount)
  • Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station Trainers (CROWS)

GoArmy Edge Sports

Go Army Edge SportsGoArmy Edge is a suite of free-to-use applications designed to help athletes and coaches learn and prepare in a virtual environment before taking the field. GoArmy Edge is a unique cross-platform application (Mobile/Windows/Browser) that allows coaches to draw up plays and drills in a 2D editor and play them back in a full 3D virtual environment. HigherEchelon continues to provide support to the Army Game Studio in the production, design, and development of GoArmy Edge products.

U.S. Army STARS: Elements

Elements | Gaming SimulationSTARS: Elements is a free educational application developed by the Army Game Studio designed to help high-school chemistry students better understand the subject. HigherEchelon provided development support for this application, which won the Best Mobile, Student’s Choice and People’s Choice awards in the Serious Games Challenge at the 2016 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC).

Institutional Conduct of Fire Trainer (ICOFT)

HigherEchelon supports the development of the Institutional Conduct of Fire Trainer (ICOFT), an Avenger Air Defense System simulator. The Avenger is an anti-aircraft weapon that can be mounted on a Humvee. It is capable of engaging and destroying hostile rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft, including drones. The Avenger crew uses Stinger missiles and a .50 caliber machine gun to engage and disable targets. The ICOFT serves as a realistic and cost-effective training aid, familiarizing new Soldiers with the decision-making processes behind air defense engagements.