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Talent Management Services

Good people are the driving force to achieve organizational excellence

Technology can be purchased, processes can be copied, but people cannot be duplicated. They bring unique skill sets, competencies, and experiences to the table that are the distinguishing factor in sustaining your company’s competitive advantage.

Our expertise in human capital combined with technical expertise in systems such as Salesforce provides the perfect solution for complex recruiting problems

We have worked with numerous large institutions to enhance their recruiting systems. Our experts in Human CapitalChange Management, and Salesforce Implementation, are actively providing solutions on one of the Army’s largest recruiting change efforts. Our team applies our unique experience with large institutions and deep understanding of the recruiting process to develop optimal solutions. For more information, read our white paper – Talent Management – A Fresh Look at Recruitment.

HigherEchelon’s Talent Management services recognize the crucial element of recruiting, selecting, retaining, and developing the right people

In partnership with Dr. Paul Squires of Applied Skills and Knowledge, HigherEchelon has multiple Ph.D. and master’s level practitioners with backgrounds in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Sports and Performance Psychology. We know a thing or two about helping you locate, hire, motivate, and cultivate the people that best suit your organization. Our specialty is utilizing methods grounded in research designed to get the most out of your workforce and ensure your employees feel valued. We offer tailored solutions that can improve the following areas:


Does your company appear attractive to prospective candidates? We help you understand your marketing pipelines, analyze staffing needs, develop job descriptions and competencies required, design targeting strategies, implement screening processes, and track source yield ratios to inform you where your dollars are best spent.


Do your new employees fit both the job and the organization? HigherEchelon will work with you to develop standardized and quantifiable interview protocols for each job that enable a clean rank ordering of candidates that suit the job and the organization. In addition, we will take the traditional selection process one step further and offer onboarding methods to ensure candidates have the proper tools and resources, are provided the proper level of support to succeed, and are able to hit the ground running.


Employee abilities must match your requirements, but does what you offer (money, autonomy, purpose, mastery, flexibility, etc.) match your employee’s needs? We will work directly with your team to produce clear cut performance management processes focused on defining performance expectations, measuring performance, and communicating performance to employees. We have experience helping you identify high performance and foster growth through formal succession plans.