When leaders are asked to describe their most high performing individuals, they usually skip job-related technical skills and, instead, they highlight characteristics such as: team player, gritty, fiercely determined to solve problems, great communicator, flexible, adaptable, focused, resilient, optimistic, trustworthy, and emotionally intelligent. These mental and emotional attributes form the foundation of high performance, and they can be trained. Organizations often limit their potential by only focusing on technical skills and overlooking the tremendous value in training the mental and emotional competencies that support high performance.

At HigherEchelon, we believe high performing leaders drive high performing organizations. Co-developed by the former Director of the Center for Enhanced Performance at West Point, and the former Director of the Air Force Smart Operations Program, the Resilient and Adaptable Leader© (RAL) program integrates principles of organizational and performance psychology with process improvement methodologies to optimize leadership and human performance. RAL, our flagship offering, ultimately serves as the foundation for achieving your organization’s strategic objectives.

The RAL Program is different from many in that instead of focusing on traditional leadership skills, we focus on trainable performance skills that support consistent, high-performance behaviors. Through our on-going coaching and training, those behaviors become habits and ultimately lead to the business outcomes our clients desire. RAL is not a “one and done” approach—instead, it is an investment in people as the driving force for organizational excellence. Our goal is to help people and organizations perform at a higher level and optimize results, and we believe it all starts with human performance.

The RAL program provides an opportunity for leaders to collaborate under the direction of highly skilled and educated (Masters and Ph.D.) instructors. Our customizable curriculum includes approaches to common issues such as: managing change, improving employee engagement, resolving conflict, managing stress, providing effective feedback, determining leadership and decision-making styles, motivating the work force, and establishing a winning culture. Additionally, we integrate assessments, coaching, and deliberate practice to reinforce the training and develop productive habits that shape behavior for the long run. Ultimately, the Resilient and Adaptable Leader© program is a transformational experience that will help take your organization to the next level.

RAL Diagram

The Resilient and Adaptable Leader© Commercial Group Pricing: All programs include one instructor and materials for up to 20 people. Training conducted at the customer site, and travel excluded from pricing.

  • 1 Day program – $11,995/group
  • 2 Day program – $21,990/group
  • 3 Day program – $31,985/group

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