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Culture and Strategy Alignment Services

Aligning company culture with business strategy to achieve organizational excellence

Culture is viewed as the organizational values and beliefs that guide an organization’s attitudes and behaviors. Strategy is the framework for pursuing your vision and business goals. So why the need for alignment? Simply put, organizational culture drives performance—what you do is proof of what you believe. When companies lack congruence between their culture and their actual practices, they struggle to perform.

Strategies are often focused on one of three angles: the customer, the product or on operations

These three categories broadly define where an organization’s strategy seeks to provide value (e.g., high end customer experience, high quality or innovative merchandise, or cost leading models). There are no wrong strategies – just ineffective ones! At HigherEchelon, we work directly with top leadership at public and private sector organizations to assess the current organizational culture and determine if it adequately supports the strategy.

At HigherEchelon, we believe culture begins with executive leadership

Our process focuses on the leader as the focal point for establishing the values which drive behavior and ultimately, business results. Through our human capital services and programs, we align culture and strategy to get results by:

  • Identifying the value-focus of the strategy: customer, product/service, operations
  • Interviewing and surveying employees to understand the extent to which they interpret the culture and business strategies in the same manner
  • Examining the selection system and onboarding process to determine if employees fit the organization as well as the job
  • Identifying the types of behaviors needed to support the strategy, and whether those behaviors are regularly reinforced
  • Implementing leader training programs to model and reinforce the cultural values and beliefs required for optimal performance

We excel in effective and practical change management and process improvement practices and organizational development interventions that are grounded in performance improvement.

We are ready to help your organization live out its mission and vision, while meeting financial and performance driven goals. Contact HigherEchelon today to learn more about our executive coaching services.