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Business Leadership Team Working Together

Corporate Team Building Services

Building teams that drive organizational excellence

Today’s organizational structures are more complex and interdependent than ever; thus, making collaboration and team building not only necessary, but critical to organizational success. Simply stated, everything is connected, and it requires deliberate effort and practice to develop effective teams. HigherEchelon incorporates elements from our Resilient and Adaptable Leader© Program to develop high performing teams that are sustainable over time.

We provide an opportunity for leaders to collaborate under the direction of highly skilled facilitators

Our human capital services and corporate team building solutions achieve the following objectives:

  • Decrease compartmentalization, break down silos, and work in a unified fashion
  • Strengthen team cohesion and leverage existing assets/capabilities
  • Establish a common high-performance mindset amongst the team
  • Understand the destructive nature of common team dysfunctions and identify strategies to overcome them
  • Develop a plan to establish and reinforce a unified culture
  • Improve empathy and team communication through understanding different styles of leadership

As a result, stakeholders will better understand what drives organizations to the next level of performance, and leaders will understand how to apply the tools and techniques on a routine basis. The consistent application will form habits that result in a high performing culture and more effective teams.

Our Team Building Solutions


Staff Rides impart significant lessons in leadership, decision making, and innovation. Staff rides are essentially battlefield simulations where participants are placed into action in historical settings. While often leveraged in the military, they can be a great team building and leadership developmental event for civilian corporate staffs. Staff rides are a well-used instructional method used in various military schools, as well as in operational units, to impart significant lessons in leadership, decision making, and innovation to leaders of all ranks.  Standing on the ground where critical events happened on the battlefield, HigherEchelon practitioners will facilitate your journey through history by discussing critical events, key leaders’ decisions and outcomes, as well as the meaning of the battle to the larger conflict. Ultimately, your leaders will enjoy a bonding experience and depart with a deeper appreciation for the art and science of leadership.


  • Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield (Civil War), Kennesaw, GA
  • Cowpens National Battlefield (Revolutionary War), Spartanburg-Greenville, SC


HigherEchelon leverages curriculum from our Resilient and Adaptable Leader© program to facilitate a transformative experience for your organization. Our team works with your leaders to tailor a workshop that is engaging and enlightening. Our aim is to provide your team the tools and skills they need to become a high-performing unit while maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our techniques get participants out of their seats and interacting with all members of their team. We break down barriers and ensure informal confidence and comfort exists between team members to drive communication and high performance.


  • 1 Day Team Building Exercise: $8,995
  • Half Day Staff Ride: $11,995