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Athletes, surgeons, military, and high performing business professionals have learned the value of training more than just physical, technical, and tactical skills; they all go to great lengths to deliberately train the mental and emotional components of high performance. Starting in the 1980’s the US Olympic Committee instituted sport psychology training and hired a full-time sport psychologist. Olympic athletes began training the psychological components of visualization, goal setting, and self-talk, among other skills to account for variables that may influence their aim to achieve greatness. Today, corporate athletes, junior athletes, elite special forces, and surgeons all value and prioritize mental performance training to maximize their ability to maintain concentration amongst chaos, manage anxiety in high stakes environments, and consistently perform at a high level despite changing circumstances.

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Because human performance is regulated through cognitive, emotional, motivational, and decision-based processes, performers must invest in the development of mindfulness, goal-achievement, energy-management, attention- control, and imagery to hone the mental and emotional skills that enable elite performance.

HigherEchelon’s training curriculum offerings in the principles of Applied High Performance Psychology and Experiential Learning enables individuals and teams to manage their mental energy during training and performance. This results in the consistent execution of acquired skill sets at the upper range of their potential. Mental Skills Training increases the capacity of working memory, and coherence between the sub-systems of the autonomic nervous system, enabling the performer to maintain composure and focus during high pressure situations. The result is critical thinking, swift reactions, and automatic performance.

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