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This was a very comprehensive course with an excellent consolidation, explanation and emphasis on basically every skill necessary to create high performance teams at all levels, both as a leader and team member. This is quite honestly one of the most useful, interesting, and practical training classes I have attended during my 22 years with NASA. I wish this training were available to every employee, because of the importance of the skills taught and the strong emphasis on enabling successful teams.

The instructor did an excellent job of encouraging interaction at all levels even with the virtual environment and shared interesting, invaluable examples and thought-provoking ideas based on experiences at NASA and on a personal level. This class is outstanding!”


Developing and delivering custom training & development programs to help you adapt & win in today’s complex, rapidly changing world

Leadership and team development is more important than ever as the pace of modern work accelerates at an ever-increasing rate. Not only do individuals need to upskill and reskill technical skills to keep up in their industries and professions, they also must develop a range of mental and emotional skillsets to be able to adapt and lead through constant change. An increasing body of research is pointing to adaptability, resilience, and a range of emotional intelligence skills as predictors of, and enablers for, high performance and personal well-being.

We work with government and private sector organizations to educate and train leaders to optimize performance

The modern work environment requires leaders to lead through change, communicate effectively, and navigate the complexities of managing cross-functional teams. HigherEchelon takes a customized approach to training and education and offers expertise in curriculum development and delivery to help leadership and teams excel in complex modern working environments. We have a range of developed programs that we can customize to fit your organization’s specific needs, or our staff of PhD in-house curriculum developers can create an entire custom program fo ryou.

Reach out to us to learn more about our signature and custom corporate and public sector training and development programs as well as our other evidence-based human capital services.

Our approach to training and development includes:

  • Design and development of curriculum using the ADDIE process
  • Delivery using an experiential learning model appropriate for adult education
  • Implementation of measures for training effectiveness, such as the Kirkpatrick Model
  • Seasoned instructors who are experts and industry thought-leaders with experience training in the government and private sector, teaching graduate level instruction at nationally recognized colleges/universities and providing professional education programs in numerous government agencies.

See below for examples of our training programs, modules, and pricing:


The Resilient and Adaptable Leadership program is our signature program. Learn more here.

Welcome & Introduction to Leadership Module ($2,999)

The introduction module lays out the leadership course timeline, the methodology of the course, and a summarization of the instructors.

Science of High Performance Module ($2,999)

Examines what is “high performance” and how to apply the characteristics. Topics include developing a high performance mindset, how to assess and how to apply mindsets.

Purpose Driven Performance Module ($2,999)

Module discusses how to determine what drives your motivation to effectively lead yourself. The module also covers how to develop your leader philosophy and your strengths.

Power of Presence Module ($2,999)

Understanding the role of presence in the moment for high-performance. Module discusses various levels of focus and the importance of mindfulness as a leader.

Communication and Trust Module ($2,999)

Module provides the tools and knowledge to overcome distrust in the organization and engage in crucial and difficult conversations. Techniques include verbal and nonverbal communication strategies to maintain a transparent and candid dialog with your team.

Effective Feedback Module ($2,999)

This module helps leaders identify where performance is effective and where performance needs improvement. Also, they learn how to utilize positive communication skills for employee behavior shaping.

Psychological Hardiness and Resilience Module ($2,999)

Leaders learn resilience techniques to shape their mentality during adversity. Leaders also learn how to cultivate an optimistic culture in their work environments.

Calm Through Chaos Module ($2,999)

Module looks into the science of how leaders react differently to stress. We also teach strategies for managing stress to keep an organization focused on the vision and strategic objectives.

Emotional Intelligence Module ($2,999)

Leaders learn how to recognize their emotions and what triggers associated emotions. Leaders also learn how to manage their emotion to influence and pace employees’ emotions.

Advanced Goal Setting Module ($2,999)

This lesson is geared to developing a leader’s ability to understand that goal development is a process. The ability of a leader to set both personal and professional goals is critical to the performance of the leader, those they lead, and the organization. Moreover, this lesson highlights the importance of goals as they relate to the business strategy of the organization.

Change Management Module ($2,999)

This is an introduction to change management and the role leaders play in the process. Leaders exist at all levels of the organization from the brand new employee or supervisor to Chief Executive Officer. While this course focuses on the training of mid-level to upper echelons within an organization, all must understand how to empower individuals in the development of a change program.

Relationship Based Leadership Module ($2,999)

This module defines how leaders define their intentions to better support employees and the organization. Leaders also learn how to recognize the six types of motivators and grow common understanding.

Transformational Leadership Module ($2,999)

This module is an approach to help leaders broaden and elevate the interests of their employees, ​ generate awareness and acceptance of the purposes and mission of the group, and encourage their employees to look beyond their own self-interest for the good of the group.

Cultivating High Performance Module ($2,999)

This module explains how to build a culture that supports the leader’s leadership philosophy, style, and supports the organization’s mission and vision.

Developing Your Leadership Brand Module ($2,999)

This module discusses how to shape the perception of your leadership to your employees and others in the organization.

Styles of Leadership Module ($2,999)

This module helps leaders figure out their leadership styles and how to effectively leverage it to build a high-performing team.

Unconscious Bias Module ($2,999)

This module dives into how our brains perceive information and how it affects our biases. Leaders also learn strategies to recognize their unconscious bias and ways to act without being influenced from the bias.


This workshop addresses contemporary leadership concepts, principles, and theories in a way that facilitates practical application across multiple levels of analysis in professional, real world settings. Available in 1, 2, or 3 day sessions, the workshop enhances students’ abilities to conduct critical analyses of leadership related strategies, processes, and techniques within varying organizational structures. Goals include: (1) Enhance students’ literacy and comprehension of topics associated with the study and practice of leadership. (2) Differentiate between responsible and irresponsible leadership. (3) Understand the multiplicity of variables related to leading groups, teams, organizations, and institutions. (4) Instill in students a passion for the lifelong study and application of leadership.

1 Day Workshop: $11,995

2 Day Workshop: $21,990

3 Day Workshop: $31,985


This is a fast-paced workshop presented in three (3) modules designed to give you working knowledge of the holistic leadership and sustainable high performance model. Module 1 covers basic elements of leadership, to include a history of the field, a one-over-the-world view of relevant theories, and an up-to-date look at the current state of business oriented leadership concepts. Module 2 explores personal eccentricities affecting one’s view of holistic leadership. Each student completes three (3) diagnostics – the Keirsey temperament sorter, Barratt’s impulsivity test, and an affectual orientation test – to help determine one’s “leadership outlook.” Module 3 offers an in-depth discussion of the holistic leadership and sustainable high performance model with an eye towards building leadership capacity in would-be executives.

1 Day Workshop: $11,995

2 Day Workshop: $21,990

3 Day Workshop: $31,985


This workshop covers the following topics: (1) elements of teams and organizations; (2) means and methods for overcoming resistance to change; (3) organizational culture; (4) leading strategic change. Transforming an organization in crisis or leading one through challenging strategic decisions requires exceptional leadership knowledge, skills, and persistence. Strategic decisions require broad knowledge, skills, and abilities for disrupting and transforming established patterns of behavior and ways of doing business, challenging organizational identities, restructuring, and overcoming barriers to change. This workshop provides the knowledge for creating a compelling vision, building a guiding coalition, planning the change process, and executing the change plan.

1 Day Workshop: $11,995

2 Day Workshop: $21,990

3 Day Workshop: $31,985


This workshop addresses (1) elements of high performing teams and (2) means and methods for overcoming organizational resistance to change. The workshop explores the theoretical underpinnings of team composition, stages of group development, micro- and macro-level team behaviors, and characteristics of high performing teams. Attention is devoted to judgment processes used by managers and leaders to make decisions in an effort to understand how to influence outcomes and change organizations. The course concludes with an investigation of techniques for overcoming organizational resistance to change.

1 Day Workshop: $11,995

2 Day Workshop: $21,990

3 Day Workshop: $31,985


This workshop outlines methods for creating a high performance culture for organizations and institutions. A framework is provided to define what culture is and what it does and to offer insight into how to build a high performing culture. The workshop examines human high performance as foundational to high performing organizations, and outlines the characteristics of high performing cultures. Based on scientifically derived and established best practices, the workshop explains how leaders go about the process of creating a high performance culture and how, once established, high performance is transmitted and maintained in an organization. Exercises include creation of guidance and checklists as leaders go about the process of creating a high performance culture in their organizations.

1 Day Workshop: $11,995

2 Day Workshop: $21,990


This workshop addresses best approaches for correcting cognitive flaws which create implicit biases and how these biases lead to inaccurate performance reviews. We know that the way humans store, access, retrieve, and apply information is flawed. These flaws manifest as biases, and these biases are implicit — meaning we do not know we have them. Performance assessments are particularly vulnerable to these biases, and dramatically alter the accuracy of these appraisals. The workshops address methods for increasing self-awareness and mindfulness which negate the assessment errors. Modules focus on knowledge creation, self-awareness, mindfulness, and critical thinking. The workshops foster great accuracy in performance assessments by elevating informed action through role playing, case studies, and a capstone exercise. Instruction on creating a rating assessment dashboard to increase mindfulness, self-awareness, and accuracy is included in the workshop.

1 Day Workshop: $11,995

2 Day Workshop: $21,990

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