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Strategic Communications Consulting

The marketplace is loud. Cut through the noise with clear and compelling communication products.

At HigherEchelon, we know it can feel daunting to enter a seemingly endless sea of voices competing for limited attention. And yet, it has never been more important to engage. Brands that are invisible online cannot hope to compete in a global market. Customers and stakeholders expect (and often demand) personalized, meaningful, up-to-date communication. Employees want to actively participate in the culture of their companies through social media platforms. And now more than ever, leaders are expected to be savvy communicators – capable of inspiring their teams in a casual social media video or in a podcast interview.

We help you clarify your message, connect with your target audience, and find your authentic brand voice

HigherEchelon’s strategic communications experts have decades of experience helping complex organizations clarify their message, determine desired audiences, and strategically deliver messages that inspire, inform, and persuade in an authentic brand voice.  We guide you through a series of strategic planning stages to develop strategic and operational plans that provide a North Star for all brand communications. We help clients navigate the vast landscape of technology, platforms, and processes, by staying on top of cutting-edge trends and breakthroughs in the industry. The result is a trusted partnership that helps clients get the most from their budget, while delivering immaculate attention to detail and quality commitment.

Social Media Highlight: GoArmy Edge Sports

HigherEchelon supports the social media needs of the U.S. Army’s GoArmy Edge suite of applications through social media management, quality content production, and influencer outreach that has resulted in:

  • Analysis of social media platforms and determination that Twitter is the top priority platform for this unique audience
  • Mentions, shares, engagement and follows from major NCAA and NFL influencers, coaches, and players
  • High organic engagement that is a result of expert knowledge of the platform and does not require the client to pay for post boosts
  • Increased awareness measured by action taken (app sign-up) among the target audience of potential U.S. Army recruits

Internal Communications Highlight: Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

As part of HigherEchelon’s contract to provide cognitive enhancement training across airports served by the TSA, the organization needed an internal communiations video to inspire participants to connect the purpose of the training to the larger mission of the TSA, as well as give them a preview of what to expect in the training.

External Communications Highlight: Yulista Holding, LLC

HigherEchelon collaborated with Yulista Holding, LLC to create a robust case study / testimonial video for a combination of external and internal audiences that would communicate the mission, vision, and values of Yulista, while sharing about the impact that HigherEchelon training and technical implementation had on the organization.

Branded Podcast Highlight: Coaching Through Stories & Belle Curve Podcast

HigherEchelon produces two HigherEchelon-branded podcasts, while consulting and contributing in the creation of internal and external podcasts for outside clients. Podcast production includes:

  • Creation of podcast logo and collateral
  • Management of all RSS feed information that populates the major podcast platforms (i.e. Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.)
  • Professionally written show notes
  • Professional audio capture and editing
  • Social media products such as audiograms that provide short clips in a consumable format for easy sharing and podcast promotion
  • Analytics

Content Production Highlight: Salesforce White Paper

Read White Paper: Modernizing the Employee Experience: Driving Organizational Performance Through Digital Transformation

HigherEchelon created a co-branded white paper, showing unique solutions powered by the CRM Salesforce, that both organizations could use in content marketing, sales, and other communications.

Casual Video Highlight: HigherEchelon President on Why Veterans Inspire Him

This interview with HigherEchelon President Joe Ross, PhD was shot on a cell phone. We help clients learn how to leverage the tools they already use and love to create professional products that don’t require long shoot days with expensive professionals.

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Rest easy knowing HigherEchelon will guide you through a step-by-step plan to help you create a strategic communication plan and create quality communications products for your audiences. Call us at 866-488-9228 or fill out this form to get started.