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Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching Services

Client Review: 5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“To this day, I still utilize the training and techniques we worked on together. It was the best coaching I’ve ever received in my 35 years as a Manager and Sales Representative.”

– Area Business Manager, Hyster-Yale

You Can Be a High Performer Enjoying the Rewards You’ve Earned. Executive Coaching Gets You There.

Ever wonder how some people seem to navigate the complex business landscape with confidence, strength of presence, crystal-clear purpose, and leadership dynamism that draws others to them and wins support? Ever look at your inner landscape and outer results and wonder why things have to feel so difficult?

Every day we work with people who have the potential for true greatness. They are competent, driven, experienced professionals who love challenges, desire excellence, and want to better themselves and others.

And yet — something is holding them back and keeping them from enjoying the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards they deserve and have earned. Maybe it’s their approach to conflict. Maybe it’s their inability to establish and maintain boundaries. Maybe it’s a communication style that worked at one level of leadership but no longer produces the desired results.

Experienced Coaches Help You Uproot & Remove Barriers

Too many professionals are living personal and professional lives marked by exhaustion, stress, imposter syndrome, strained or shattered relationships, unhealthy feelings and behaviors, or low-level irritations, resentments, disappointments, and mismanaged opportunities that steadily chip away at effectiveness and life satisfaction.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

High performance begins with strong self-awareness. The trouble is — most of us cannot see what is holding us back and preventing our growth by ourselves. Trusted professionals can help you dig below the surface and see what is preventing your highest levels of happiness and performance.

We are a team of master coaches who walk you through results-driven, proven coaching models to determine your goals and chart a path to your vision of success through confidential, trusted collaboration.

Coaching For Next-Level Leadership through Executive Coaching Services

Coaching works. Whether for yourself or for those you lead, our leadership coaching services can help your executives become more effective leaders, with ripple effects throughout the organization.

According to statistics compiled from the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology and the Association for Talent Development, high quality coaching can result in:


Leaders in all industries—from government to healthcare to business face similar challenges. We work with executives and emerging leaders across all industries to remove roadblocks in order to drive behavioral changes that matter to your organization. We work with you and your leaders to develop emotional intelligence, self-regulation, confidence, adaptability, motivation, empathy, and the ability to strengthen relationships and serve others.

Contact us today to learn more about our executive coaching services or to discuss the specifics of a leadership development plan with a certified coach.

Client Review: 5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I have worked with a few other coaches in my past and came to our initial sessions with some predetermined thoughts/expectations on … what I could ultimately gain from them. However, it took only a few meetings to understand that [my HigherEchelon master coach] brings to his work a very different level of knowledge with a genuine passion that I had not previously experienced. He absolutely helped me reach the goals that we set out to address. …I greatly value everything I have learned from him.” 

–SVP Sales & Marketing, Confidential Company


What makes HigherEchelon’s human capital services and executive coaching services exceptional? Our people and our approach.


Our team of executive coaches have extensive experience in leadership development and hold graduate degrees (i.e., Ph.D., M.A., M.S.) in Sport and Performance Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Communication, and beyond. Our coaches are also certified from nationally renowned organizations such as the International Coaching Federation, the Association for Applied Sports Psychology, and the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Our coaches are experienced and trained working with C-Level executives, senior government/military professionals, surgeons, professional sports teams, government civilians, and business professionals to unlock potential, productivity, and overall work performance for the entire organization. Our educational and experiential background allows us to offer a blended approach to coaching that uniquely uncovers core challenges and roadblocks with a foundation in enhanced employee self-awareness.


We have found that improving performance behaviors in three areas – task-oriented (efficiencies), change-oriented (adaptation), and relations-oriented (human capital) – improves organizational effectiveness. Consistency in these three areas improves teamwork and the ability for the organization to achieve success by creating innovative solutions to complex problems.

Our approach is unique in that it includes the integration of biofeedback, such as heart rate variability training using HeartMath©, to better understand how stress and anxiety impacts performance.

Ultimately,we develop flexible leaders with the ability and motivation to understand and change their own styles, techniques, or processes to improve personal performance at the executive level, with impacts the reverberate throughout the entire organization.

Client Review: 5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“We overcame so much doubt, rejection and negativity to build trust, lasting relationships, manage change, and improve our overall culture, and finished with our best year ever.” 

— General Manager, Stryker

HigherEchelon offers a variety of executive coaching programs to meet the needs of high performing individuals, mid-level managers and senior executives


30 sessions – investment ranges from $12,955 – $28,017 depending on coach (associate, professional, master)
Coaching process includes: 360 assessment and up to 4 qualitative interviews with supervisor, peers, or direct reports
Perfect for: Strategic Leaders, Senior Executives, VPs and SVPs


16 sessions – investment ranges from $6,475 – $13,999 depending on coach (associate, professional, master)
Coaching process includes: 360 assessment and up to 1 qualitative interview with supervisor
Perfect for: Directors, Mid-Level Managers, and Newly Promoted Leaders


8 sessions – investment ranges from $2,995 – $6,475 depending on coach (associate, professional, master)
Perfect for: Individual key leaders looking for specialized competency development

Note – Pricing does not include travel of executive coach for in-person coaching sessions.

Collaborate with peers in other industries facing similar hurdles


RAL Mastermind Group is a leadership development program that connects key leaders facing similar challenges, striving for audacious goals, and seeking to unlock the performance of their team. Our facilitators work with this peer group to incorporate content from our Resilient and Adaptable Leader© program and apply high-performance concepts to challenging leadership scenarios.

In each facilitated session, you will work with a unique team of seasoned executives to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and uphold accountability. Our professionals in the fields of leadership and high performance help the group gain new outlooks, deepen leadership skills, and produce fresh insights.

The RAL Mastermind Group is perfect for executive leaders who would benefit from relationships with like-minded peers in similar positions at other organizations who can discuss challenging and sensitive issues with a mind toward solutions, growth, and accountability.

RAL Mastermind Groups are $2,450 per participant and include 6 facilitated sessions.


We offer virtual or on-site group coaching sessions as part of our reinforcement training to ensure learning objectives “stick” after workshops and other training opportunities. Group coaching usually occurs with members of the same organization who benefit from the camaraderie, collaboration, and follow-on learning that group coaching affords.

Group coaching is perfect for small groups seeking further development in specific competencies. Each coaching session is one hour, performed remotely by a certified coach or at the customer’s location. Groups are usually kept to 5-7 participants to ensure maximum benefit. Total cost per group coaching session is $2,750 — this fee covers all participants.

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Whether you are a senior leader preparing for a career transition or are an emerging leader seeking personal growth, our coaching services can help you achieve the success you envision. If you are interested in learning more about our coaching practice and professional development services, call (866) 488-9228 or contact us online.