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Executive Coaching Services

Coaching Leaders of America Using Executive Coaching Services

We believe that high-performance is founded on strong self-awareness. Whether developing emerging leaders or coaching seasoned leaders, our coaches help you see blind spots and increase your effectiveness as a leader. Using our leadership coaching services, we can help your executives become more effective and better leaders all around.

Our coaching philosophy centers on increasing awareness to expose and remove the roadblocks that interfere with implementing consistent and powerful behaviors

In addition to developing self-awareness, our coaches work with your leaders on self-regulation, confidence, adaptability, motivation, empathy, and the leader’s ability to strengthen relationships and serve others.

What makes executive coaching services exceptional at HigherEchelon is our people and our approach


Our team of executive coaches are Ph.D.’s and Master’s in Sport and Performance Psychology and Industrial Organizational Psychology. Our coaches are also certified from nationally renowned organizations such as the International Coaching Federation, the Association for Applied Sports Psychology, and the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology. Our coaches are experienced and trained working with C-Level executives, senior government/military professionals, surgeons, professional sports teams, government civilians, and business professionals to unlock potential, productivity, and overall work performance. Our educational and experiential background allow us to offer a blended approach to coaching that uniquely uncovers core challenges and roadblocks with a foundation in enhanced self-awareness.


We have found that improving performance behaviors in three areas – task-oriented (efficiencies), change-oriented (adaptation), and relations-oriented (human capital) – improves organizational effectiveness. Consistency in these three areas improves team-work and the ability for the organization to naturally create innovative solutions to complex problems. Additionally, our approach includes the integration of biofeedback, such as heart rate variability training using HeartMath©, to better understand how stress and anxiety impacts performance. Ultimately, our leadership development programs develops flexible leaders with the ability to understand and change their own styles, techniques, or processes to improve personal and organizational performance.

HigherEchelon offers a variety of executive coaching programs to meet the needs of high performing individuals, mid-level managers and executives


30 sessions – $19,850
Includes: 360 assessment and up to 8 qualitative interviews with supervisor, peers, or direct reports
Perfect for: Strategic Leaders, Executives, VPs and SVPs


16 sessions – $8,995
Includes: 360 assessment and up to 1 qualitative interviews with supervisor
Perfect for: Directors, Mid-Level Managers, and Newly Promoted Leaders


8 sessions – $4,395
Perfect for: Individual leaders looking for specialized competency development

Note – Pricing does not include travel for in-person coaching sessions.

Collaborate with peers in other industries facing similar hurdles


RAL Mastermind Group is a leadership development program aimed at connecting leaders facing similar challenges, striving for audacious goals, and seeking to unlock the performance of their team. Our facilitators incorporate content from our Resilient and Adaptable Leader© program to apply high-performance concepts to challenging leadership scenarios. In each session, you will work with a unique team of seasoned executives to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and uphold accountability. Experienced facilitators in the fields of leadership and performance with a passion for helping you achieve your goals will help you gain a new outlook and fresh ideas.

6 sessions – $2,450


We offer group coaching sessions as part of our reinforcement training, which provides a virtual solution for groups spread throughout the country. Coaching sessions are one hour each, performed remotely or at the customer’s location.

4 sessions – $2,200
Perfect for: Groups seeking development in similar competencies.

If you are interested in learning more about our professional development services, call (866) 469-9945 we can answer any questions you have.