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Process Services and Methodologies

At HigherEchelon, we focus on optimizing organizational performance. Whether delivering a modernization solution or following best practices internally, we believe processes are the bridge between people and technology and drive organizational excellence.

We deliver services to enhance your organizational processes and optimize performance

Our Human Capital and Technology Solutions business sectors’ service offerings employ process enhancement techniques and tools. Our methodology integrates our knowledge of human capital with advanced technology to provide a solution that improves processes and breeds efficiency.


We focus on organizational processes throughout every engagement

Processes are often the friction point in an organization; therefore, any amount of coaching/consulting will be ineffective unless the processes and systems are addressed.

Our Human Capital Solutions attacks these issues through our Change Management and Training and Education Services offerings. These services combined provide a thorough front-end evaluation, recommendations for improvements, and training to facilitate the process enhancement solution.

We follow industry best practices established by ADDIE and Kirkpatrick to assess needs, design solutions, deliver services and evaluate outcomes. Our team focuses on business impacts and ROI to ensure that our service improves your organizational effectiveness.


Technology exists to improve efficiency and effectiveness. At HigherEchelon, we fully embrace the powerful capability technology possesses to transform your organization and drive high performance

HigherEchelon evaluates your systems and processes AS-IS and leverages modern technology to transform your processes to maximize their value and efficiency. Whether automating manual, paper-based systems, or leveraging cloud technology to streamline workflow, our solutions focus on empowering your employees and employing technology to enhance business effectiveness.

Additionally, our technology teams follow an Agile methodology to manage projects effectively and deliver complete solutions.


We focus on optimizing individual and organizational performance to add value

At HigherEchelon, we combine people, process, and technology to maximize the effectiveness of the organization. This is true of not only the services we offer, but is how we operate internally.


Our organization and quality management system are ISO 9001:2015 certified. For all prime projects, our procedures and practices have achieved a CMMI Level Three rating under the Services model.

Additionally, we have professionals who are certified in Project Management (PMP), Quality Control (CMMI), Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Sports Psychology.

From training design and development to software implementation, our engagements take a customized, performance-based approach. We leverage best practices set forth in Agile, ADDIE and Kirkpatrick to deliver complete solutions.


For technical programs, we follow an Agile methodology for project management. This allows us to look at products iteratively and ensure requirements are holistically satisfied.


Our approach ensures solutions and outcomes are objectively evaluated throughout the engagement, adjusted based on data-driven results, and designed to add value