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#43: Break Free from Approval Addiction – The People-Pleaser’s Journey with Dr. Eric Bean

October 18, 2023 in

Break Free from Approval Addiction: The People-Pleaser’s Journey with Dr. Eric Bean

False Beliefs Drive People-Pleasing

Eric Bean Headshot

Are you often concerned about how others perceive you? Do you often prioritize others’ needs over your own? Do you feel bad whenever you experience conflict? In this solo episode, Dr. Bean delves into people-pleasing. He discusses the signs of it and how it can be unhealthy and counter-productive. If you are a people-pleaser, this might sound familiar to you. He also highlights the false beliefs that push individuals into people-pleasing behaviors. He advises on how to mitigate this behavior and emphasizes the importance of gaining a clear understanding of our values.

If you tend to be driven by a need to be liked by others, this episode is for you. Tune in as we dig deep to understand the origins of this behavior.

Key Points:

● Conflict can be good. It can generate new ideas and solve problems.
● We cannot control what others think. We can only control how we act.
● Getting clarity of your values will help you control your actions.
● Seek out discomfort. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Episode Highlights

[01:16] What is people-pleasing?
[04:37] Distinguishing people-pleasing from other behaviors
[06:48] Signs that you are a people pleaser
[11:15] Beliefs driving a people-pleasing behavior
[15:47] Addressing and getting to the root of the behavior

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