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#46: Getting Out of Suckville with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

November 29, 2023 in

Getting Out of Suckville with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

As humans, it is our nature to dwell on our deficiencies. We focus on what we are missing and our shortfalls rather than appreciate the positive reality we are in.

This behavior is what leads us to the sign that says Welcome to Suckville. Today, we are with Dr. Bhrett McCabe, the Sport and Performance Psychologist for the University of Alabama Athletic Department and a trusted resource for amateur, collegiate, and professional golfers. Drawing on his experience as a champion athlete and his clinical training as a psychologist, he guides competitors in overcoming persistent challenges and crafting winning strategies in their chosen fields.

Today, he sits with us and shares his insights on breaking free from Suckville. Dr. McCabe discusses the nature of people to crave competition and look for validation due to pressure. He also talks about success and believing in ourselves and stresses the value of acceptance. This episode is brimming with insights drawn from Dr. Bhrett’s extensive coaching experience. Come along with us, and let’s delve into yet another insightful episode.

Key Points:

● Use experience as a learning laboratory and not a validation.
● Competition is a window and not a mirror. It is a window to look at who you are, not a reflection of what you are missing.
● Support your team after they fail and coach them hard after they win.
● Flow with what shows up rather than reaching for what is not there.

Episode Highlights

[03:27] Dr. Bhrett’s work background
[09:10] What shifted Dr. Bhrett’s view on performance
[21:05] Believing in yourself vs. seeking validation
[27:15] Dr. Bhrett’s success formula
[29:58] Detaching from the need for validation
[36:03] Being intrinsically motivated in the world of sports
[38:28] Getting stuck in Suckville
[42:38] Expectations: Living in a fantasy
[45:45] Opening up about the yips and other challenges
[54:06] How to kick anxiety’s ass
[01:00:39] About doubting yourself and seeking approval
[01:06:30] Going with the flow and savouring the moments
[01:11:06] Success in Dr. Bhrett’s viewpoint


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