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#52: Leadership Lessons from Coach K’s Center on Leadership and Ethics with Sanyin Siang

Leadership Lessons from Coach K’s Center on Leadership and Ethics with Sanyin Siang


Sanyin Siang, an expert in leadership and a practitioner of what she calls a portfolio career, joins us in this episode. Wearing multiple hats, Sanyin aids leaders in optimizing their unique strengths and creating super teams for next-level success. 

 Throughout our conversation, Sanyin shares insights on how to navigate imposter syndrome, transition from manager to leader, and the profound impact of the stories we tell ourselves. She also discusses the parallels between leadership and parenting, emphasizing that parenting is indeed an act of leadership. Join us for an enriching discussion packed with valuable leadership lessons and personal growth strategies, as Sanyin imparts wisdom from her extensive experience. 

Key Points:

  • Overcoming feelings of imposter syndrome 
  • Transitioning from manager to leader for individual contributors 
  • The power of the stories we tell ourselves 
  • Parenting as a form of leadership 

Episode Highlights

  • [5:09] Sanyin’s life updates: current role, passion, and interest
  • [17:00] Drawing on diversity
  • [20:39] Building a sense of belonging in group settings while being a bridger
  • [23:33] Easing leaders’ imposter syndrome
  • [36:26] The importance of having goals and objectives
  • [41:32] Taking the time to get to know your people
  • [56:22] The need for experts with deep domain knowledge to step up and lead
  • [59:47] Leadership through parenting
  • [1:02:25] Moving forward together as a team

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