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#49: Unlocking the Power of Adaptability with Ross Thornley

January 10, 2024 in

Unlocking the Power of Adaptability


We tend to look at change from a linear rather than an exponential perspective. This point of view often leads to the feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed by the change around us. This episode features Ross Thornley, the CEO and co-founder of AQai, a community of adaptability coaches aiming to transform how people and organizations adapt to change. Moreover, Ross is an author and keynote speaker on adaptability and the future of work. 

In this insightful episode, Ross helps us comprehend how fast change is happening and emphasizes the concept of viewing change exponentially. He also delves into AQai’s vision and assessment, the process of unlearning, and how organizations become adaptable. So, join us as we look at change from a new standpoint and prepare ourselves to adapt to the changes brought about by this new year. 

Key Points:

  • Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years. 
  • We can completely be at peace or be overwhelmed. It is the choice of which one you want to be in the driving seat. 
  • Any collapse is a failure to adapt. 

Episode Highlights

[04:10] AQai and its vision 

[05:53] The threat of shifting roles and navigating through it 

[12:37] Understanding the rate of change 

[20:43] Looking at change exponentially 

[24:13] What led Ross to innovation and adaptability 

[30:20] AQai and the concept of adaptability 

[39:08] Ways to be more adaptable 

[46:50] Dealing with the challenges of unlearning and building tolerance 

[52:11] Adaptability in organizations 

[01:03:30] Building the adaptability quotient 

[01:11:03] The concept of unique ability 


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