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#48: The High-Achievers Search for Self-Compassion with Dr. Shannon Baird

December 27, 2023 in

The High-Achievers Search for Self-Compassion

In this episode, discover how high-achievers explore self-compassion with Dr. Shannon Baird. The conversation explores finding balance between ambition and self-care, offering practical tips for cultivating a compassionate mindset amid ambitious pursuits.  

Dr. Baird emphasizes acknowledging personal limits while striving for success, providing valuable lessons for those seeking the perfect blend of achievement and self-compassion. 

 Dr. Baird earned her Ph.D.at the University of Iowa in Sport Psychology after earning a masters and bachelors in Kinesiology. Dr. Baird has over 20 years of applied experiences; more than a decade of which has focused entirely on the Military. In addition to her applied experiences, Dr. Baird is an invited lecturer, keynote presenter, and published author. She currently lives in Washington State with her wife and dog where she actively pursues her dream of running the Big Foot 200. 

Those of you who know Dr. Baird, will soon see that this episode is a true and accurate, albeit PG, expression of Shannon. Those of you who don’t know her might be uncomfortable with how open and transparent she is. In our episode we go deep in exploring the origins of her struggles with self-compassion, how some early experiences ingrained values that on the surface are admirable but when taken to the extreme landed her in the hospital… and not just once, and how self-compassion is not only a tool for her but an important tool for the elite warfighters she works with. Take a deep breath. Let go. And enjoy the authenticity of Dr. Shannon Baird. 

Key Points:

  • Stories are the foundation of our self-identities. 
  • Understanding the boundaries of sacrifice. 
  • Finding a way to not let the “bully” drive the bus. 
  • How do we embody self-worth, and how do we get there? 
  • Building your conscious awareness. 
  • The importance of making data informed decisions not data determined decisions 

Episode Highlights

[5:04] Getting to know Dr. Shannon Baird 

[7:03] Forging relationships that are surrounded by trust 

[16:56] Sacrifice can be glorified in so many ways.  

[24:21] What is it like to live on the edge? 

[40:10] Dr. Shannon’s philosophy on performance, excellence, and the education of psychological skills  

[46:47] Relying on implementations and intentions 

[53:07] How does Dr. Shannon help high-performers build a more robust mental framework through her frameworks? 

[58:04] The ability to understand your internal environment 


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