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#47: Tragic Optimism Two Things Can Be True At Once with Dr. Eric Bean

December 13, 2023 in

Tragic Optimism Two Things Can Be True At Once with Dr. Eric Bean

Eric Bean Headshot

In this Coaching Through Stories episode, Dr. Eric Bean delves into a profound exploration of Tragic Optimism, challenging the idea that life’s tragedies and optimism are mutually exclusive. Through thoughtful reflection, he reveals the ability to simultaneously acknowledge and embrace both elements. Dr. Bean shares insights on navigating the delicate equilibrium between despair and hope in our experiences. Additionally, he explores concepts such as cognitive defusion, tragic optimism, and the pursuit of self-improvement. 

Join us for this insightful conversation as we navigate the nuanced terrain of embracing both tragedy and optimism in our life’s journey. 

Key Points:

  • Creating space for two things can be true at once reduces anxiety 
  • When we foster self-acceptance we do not rely on societal expectations and validation from others 
  • Explore some examples of two things can be true, examine how embracing them can positively influence our life as individuals, team members, and leaders. 

Episode Highlights

  • [1:40] The concept of cognitive defusion 
  • [4:23] Examples of how two things can be true  
  • [6:13] Be mindful of the words used, “but.”  
  • [8:16] As a leader, you must set high standards for yourself and your team members. 
  • [8:53] Understanding our team members’ strengths and weaknesses 
  • [18:09] Cultivating a purpose can inspire us to pursue something meaningful and impactful. 
  • [19:53] What is tragic optimism? 


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