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#14: Lead Through Alignment and Accountability with Anthony Noto, CEO at SoFi

November 18, 2020 in

Lead Through Alignment and Accountability with Anthony Noto, CEO at SoFi

Today’s Coaching Through Stories episode features Anthony Noto, the current CEO at SoFi, a unique finance company whose goal is to help clients “get their money right.” Anthony shares the challenges that helped shape him, the early failures and setbacks that propelled him to move forward, and how he goes about building a great culture. Anthony says the secret to success is to “work as hard as you can, do the right thing, and take care of others.”

Anthony Noto is the former COO of Twitter and the former Co-Head of Global Telecommunications, Media and Technology Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs. He also served as the National Football League’s CFO and Executive Vice President for nearly three years. His past experience also includes his service as a Captain in the U.S. Army.

Key Points:

  1. There’s a thin line between success and failure. Those that chase problems rather than run from them are more likely to succeed.  
  2. To succeed as a leader, one needs to show composure, drive structure, and bring people together that are worried or scared. 
  3. To be a great leader in uncertain times, you need to have the ability to keep everyone calm.

Episode Highlights:

  • A story that has a significant impact on Anthony’s life, values, and leadership philosophy 
  • How the challenges Anthony has experienced has helped shape him and his values 
  • Anthony’s mom and her messages about being good enough 
  • Anthony’s thoughts on the dark side of the independent mindset 
  • The early failure and setbacks that have propelled Anthony to move forward 
  • What drives Anthony today 
  • How much Anthony tries to craft and control his professional life 
  • What Anthony learned about being a leader during his time as COO of Twitter 
  • How leaders should go about completing their visions and desires 
  • What keeps Anthony up at night and what gets under his skin as a leader 
  • Anthony’s leadership philosophy 
  • The mental and emotional skills Anthony believes are critical to becoming a great leader 
  • How Anthony manages himself and maintains his composure 
  • How Anthony creates a space for his emotions  
  • What Anthony did first, in terms of culture, when he first joined SoFi 
  • How Anthony goes about building a great culture

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