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#24: Who do CEOs report to? Ft. Paul Barrett

December 23, 2021 in

Who do CEOs report to? Ft. Paul Barrett


Today’s guest, Paul Barrett, is the Managing Partner and Founder of a new healthcare focused private equity firm at Argosy Healthcare Partners. So often, HigherEchelon works with CEO’s and leaders of organizations so today, Dr. Eric Bean explores the question: “who do CEO’s report to?” Often, it’s a private equity firm and a board. Paul left his previous private equity firm to step into the shoes of the leaders he has worked for many years and start something of his own. Paul also recognized that many organizations in the private equity industry are not values driven and can be overly focused on shareholder value without considering value to all stakeholders. Paul shares how he began this entrepreneurial journey with a partner who decided in the 11th hour to go in a different direction. Paul shares how he reacted and responded to that situation with some anxiety and ultimately a decision to continue moving forward despite this setback. In this episode, Paul talks about his values as a leader and how important it is to him to have his values drive his approach to this work.  

We cover a wide range of topics from how his values guide his work, to his vision for his firm, and to how he sees his role in evaluating culture and leaders. At HigherEchelon we work with Private Equity backed companies as well as Private Equity firms. We recognize that the role of a private equity partner brings upon various challenges at each of the phases of acquisition, growth, and exit. Here’s our own Donnie Horner to talk about how at HigherEchelon we help Private Equity firms assess leaders, support the change management process, and guide a cultural transformation to provide value to both shareholders and stakeholders.  

Key Points:

  1. Values drive one’s leadership approach.
  2. How a leader plays a role in evaluating culture and leaders.
  3. The role of a private equity partner brings upon various challenges at each of the phases of acquisition, growth, and exit.

Episode Highlights

  • What led Paul to build his firm
  • How does he evaluate and develop leaders in an organization
  • His experiences and how he developed good values from them
  • His vision for his firm
  • What are his core values and philosophies
  • How does he see his role in evaluating culture and leaders 
  • What gets under his skin as a leader
  • The importance of treating people better and valuing them
  • How can private equity firms change their management processes
  • How can organizations build a team with the right values and principles that align with them
  • What culture should leaders cultivate in their organization

Resources Mentioned:

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