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Technology Change: 5 Costly Mistakes Orgs Make (and how to avoid them)

Author: Leah Crawford If you are like most modern professionals, you have probably experienced some form of new technology roll-out in your organization. The pace of today’s technological advancements has companies digitizing, migrating, and automating more than ever before. Every element of business operations can be digitized with software, and many are making the...
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How to Compete for Top Talent: Hire & Train for High-Performance

  Author: Steven Spaulding, HigherEchelon Director of Business Development It’s a fundamental truth in business: every organization wants to hire and retain high performing employees. However, achieving this goal is much easier said than done, with larger companies that are well-resourced winning top talent through their own, internal talent management teams dedicated to acquisition...
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Why Change is So Hard: The Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Change Management

Author: Siana Sylvester The most dangerous phrase in the language is, “We’ve always done it this way...” -Admiral Grace Hopper Change is hard. Change triggers emotional responses such as fear, anger, stress, and anxiety because we are disrupting the status quo. If changes in job title, management, social norms, or workplace environment are perceived...
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Simple Salesforce Tools that Amplify Change Management

Author: Ashley M. Hayes, HigherEchelon Salesforce Trainer When it comes to implementing a new technology, a new process, or taking on any type of organizational change, understanding how to make and sustain that change successfully is crucial. Too often, organizations focus on milestones such as go-live day for a new technology, and not enough...
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Effective Change Management with the ADKAR Model

Author: Angie Fifer, Ph.D., CMPC "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu Change is Inevitable One thing that is certain in business no matter the organization: change is both inevitable and necessary for relevancy and growth. However, change is challenging because it is uncomfortable,...
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