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Angie Fifer on PBS NewsHour, speaks to pressure on Simone Biles, other pro athletes

July 29, 2021 in
Intense Performance Pressure Faced by Pro Athletes Simone Biles's decision not to compete in her team's Olympic competition stunned the world. HigherEchelon program manager and high performance consultant Angie Fifer, PhD speaks with PBS NewsHour's John Yang about the significant mental pressure facing Simone and other professional athletes, drawing on her expertise as a...
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How to Determine Actual Culture vs. Aspirational Culture

July 28, 2021 in
Author: Christine Pretti Every company has an aspirational culture that is often reflected in a mission statement or in the values and ideals you see framed in conference rooms. But sometimes, the words on the wall don’t match what is heard in the halls. How can leaders determine which culture is actually being shaped...
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C-Suite Misalignment Torpedoes Company Effectiveness

July 15, 2021 in
Author: Eric Bean, PhD One time as a kid, I went to my mom to ask for her permission to go to a concert. My mom was adamantly against the idea. Displeased with this result, I waited until the time was right and approached my dad with the same question. My dad, ever the...
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3 Crucial Ingredients for High Performance Cultures

Author: Angie Fifer, Ph.D., CMPC Culture Is a Buzz Word "Culture" has become a big buzz word in organizations. In order to maximize productivity and results, culture must come first, right? But what actually is culture? (Read my colleague Dr. Donnie Horner’s recent article for a deep-dive into that question). And while we are...
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[VIDEO] High Performance Under Pressure: Understanding Risk vs. Consequence

May 26, 2021 in
 What's the difference between Risk and Consequence? Have you ever choked under pressure, despite preparation and solid skills? It could be you have mentally over-amplified the risks or consequences associated with your performance. Understanding the difference between risk and consequence, and how to accurately gauge both, is crucial for high performance. Beyond your...
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