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Dr. Angie Winter on Leading and Developing the 21st Century Athlete

High-performing athletes have much in common with high-performing CORPORATE athletes — grit, resilience, adaptability, and high degrees of intrinsic motivation, ownership, and accountability.

HigherEchelon’s Director of Leadership Development Angie Winter recently participated in Culture in Sports’s Roundtable Webinar to help participants break down and understand what motivates the 21st Century Athlete, including what they desire, and what inspires success.

Check out the webinar recording for cross-training — take a peek into the field of Sport Psychology and the mental game that athletes on the field and in the office can cultivate.

Need Support Developing Resilient & Adaptable Leaders?

HigherEchelon is a trusted partner using sport psychology principles to guide you and your team toward a resilient and adaptable future through our expertise helping organizations win in the complex modern business environment. Through Adaptability Quotient Assessments and training, we equip teams to meet today’s ever-changing advances and demands.

Our team has extensive experience providing resilience and adaptability training and education for C-Level executives, senior government/military professionals, surgeons, professional sports teams, government civilians, and business professionals that unlocks potential, productivity, and overall work performance for the entire organization.

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