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How Are Virtual & Augmented Reality Used in Aviation Training?

Contributors: Brent Osborne, Rachel Bryars, Steve Spaulding, and Andrea Pressnell Graphic Design: Nicole Szews Virtual and augmented reality training allows users to practice skills in a safer and more cost-effective environment than in the real world. Many industries, including aviation, are tapping into these innovative experiences to achieve real-world training results at a fraction...
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How Does Virtual Reality Contribute to Astronaut Training?

October 30, 2022 in
One of the most exciting emerging technologies today is virtual reality. Every day, virtual reality technologies are expanding to change the way that we work, play, and engage with others. In particular, many industries are adopting virtual reality to train and upskill their employees, especially those in high-risk positions like astronauts. Virtual reality has...
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Virtual & Augmented Reality Use in Space Exploration

Edited by: Andrea Pressnell Graphic by: Nicole Szews Virtual and augmented reality training are increasingly becoming a necessary cutting-edge component across industries. In addition to gaming, medical, military, and entertainment applications, the space industry is fast adopting these technologies as well. From astronaut training to maintenance assistance, extended reality technologies are rapidly changing the...
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Can Virtual Reality Combat Isolation & Loneliness?

September 1, 2022 in
Loneliness is common in today’s world, especially over the last few years. Many people are increasingly turning to technology to connect with others, such as social media and online games. However, others are using virtual reality technology to combat isolation and loneliness. Virtual reality can be the foundation for powerful applications that facilitate social...
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Why Is Extended Reality a Safer Training Option for Dangerous Industries?

Contributors: Brent Osborne, Andrea Pressnell & Rachel Bryars Extended Reality (XR) is making a major buzz in the training world. This technology, which includes virtual reality and augmented reality, places users in immersive experiences from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces, making it easier to learn new concepts and skills. For dangerous...
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