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Gaming & Simulation

How to Use VR for Diversity and Inclusion Training in 2024

Diversity and inclusion training plays a crucial role in fostering a workplace environment where everyone feels valued and understood. As we step into 2024, there are multiple technologies that we can integrate with this training to enhance its effectiveness—including virtual reality (VR). VR’s immersive nature enhances traditional diversity and inclusion training methods and provides...
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What Are the Benefits of Virtual Reality Simulation?

Virtual reality (VR) is transforming how we interact with digital environments. This technology immerses users in a simulated world, harnessing visuals, sounds, and other sensory inputs. One of the most exciting applications of VR involves its potential for specialized training programs across different industries. From healthcare to the military, sports to corporate training, VR...
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What Is Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy?

October 10, 2023 in
Virtual reality (VR), often associated with immersive gaming experiences, has far-reaching applications beyond entertainment. In the healthcare sector, one such application is virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET). This approach merges the simulated environments of VR with the principles of exposure therapy, allowing individuals to confront and manage their fears in a controlled setting. VRET...
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Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Leadership Skills

August 2, 2023 in
In a rapidly evolving business landscape, effective leadership training must go beyond traditional methods. Virtual reality (VR) offers an unprecedented approach to honing leadership skills, combining experiential learning with the nuances of real-world scenarios. This transformative technology is setting a new benchmark for what organizations can expect from leadership training programs. Simulating Real-World Scenarios...
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How Is Virtual Reality Reshaping Sport Psychology?

Technological advancements continually reshape the way we view and interact with the world. One of these advancements, virtual reality (VR), has made significant waves across several industries, including sport psychology. Through VR, sport psychologists are reinventing how athletes train, improve, and overcome psychological barriers. What Is the Field of Sport Psychology? Sport psychology is...
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