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Gaming & Simulation

What Are “Virtual Battlefields?”

February 28, 2023 in
The military has always been at the forefront of using technology to improve training and readiness, and the use of virtual battlefields is just the latest example. Virtual battlefields are computer simulations that allow soldiers to train in an immersive environment that mimics real-life combat situations.  The technology involves the use of virtual reality...
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Why Is Extended Reality a Safer Training Option for Dangerous Industries?

Contributors: Brent Osborne, Andrea Pressnell & Rachel Bryars Extended Reality (XR) is making a major buzz in the training world due to its ability to slash time and costs associated with training needs while improving learning outcomes. For example, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University reduced the length of time before a student could fly “solo”...
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5 Key Advantages of Simulation-Based Military Training

January 31, 2023 in
Today, militaries around the world are tasked with addressing ever-evolving, complex threats. Keeping up with the latest technology can help the armed forces improve their effectiveness and better address the world around us. In fact, the military has been one of the first sectors to implement virtual reality (VR) technology across its branches. Simulation-based...
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Augmented Reality’s Applications for Military Medical Training

January 3, 2023 in
[caption id="attachment_6581" align="aligncenter" width="717"] Photo Credit Defense.gov[/caption] To navigate high-stress, fast-paced combat scenarios, military first responders need realistic and comprehensive medical training. However, real-life training scenarios can be expensive, time-consuming, and logistically difficult to orchestrate. As a result, some first responders enter the field with less hands-on experience than is ideal. Fortunately, augmented reality...
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How Are Virtual & Augmented Reality Used in Aviation Training?

Contributors: Brent Osborne, Rachel Bryars, Steve Spaulding, and Andrea Pressnell Graphic Design: Nicole Szews Virtual and augmented reality training allows users to practice skills in a safer and more cost-effective environment than in the real world. Many industries, including aviation, are tapping into these innovative experiences to achieve real-world training results at a fraction...
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