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Communication Habits: The Difference Between Authenticity and Oversharing

December 14, 2021 in

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Do You Tend to Overshare?

Ever wanted to kick yourself after “oversharing” something online or in a conversation that you really just wished you’d kept to yourself?  How do you handle it when someone overshares something to you that you wish you hadn’t been told? We have all overshared or been the recipient of an overshare.

What prompts us to overshare? For many of us, it may come from a place of desiring to be authentic and share our stories. This can be a good thing when the right balance is struck and the context is right. So what is the difference between being authentic and oversharing in ways that may harm you or others?

This show dives into the reasons why oversharing happens and how it differs from authenticity. We also discuss strategies for growth when you realize you have overshared and how to handle chronic oversharing from others in your life.

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