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HigherEchelon, Inc. delivered leader training for eBay, Inc. to middle and senior level executives from the treasury department who were seeking to grow their leadership skills. Accordingly, HigherEchelon provided eBay with training services over an 18-month period by executing a specialized instructor-led program based on the principles of our Resilient and Adaptable Leader © (RAL) for 42 mid – senior level executives of eBay’s Treasury Department. The RAL program was customized for the eBay Treasury Department to focus on its pre-identified objectives. In addition, HigherEchelon modified some of its standard examples and supporting articles to resonate better with a high technology, high growth company. The course materials included a customized workbook and relevant business articles for the workshop. The materials were modified for customer relevancy, and key outcomes of this program included:

  • Learn skills for consistent high-level performance by executive leaders
  • Developmental plan for career satisfaction
  • Learn techniques to harness consistent performance for teams to improve their efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Develop self-regulating leaders to meet the challenges of the complex working environment
  • Understand factors of resiliency and adaptability in the dynamic global environment
  • Develop a leader philosophy based on personal values and self-identity to put values into action
  • Create a legacy, focus, and purpose as a leader and for team members with Advanced Goal Setting
  • Adjust social interactions based on the demands of the environment
  • Moderate your emotions through Hi-Tech biofeedback training