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HE currently provides seasoned and experienced instructors with subject matter expertise in Unified Land Operations to the U.S. Army Cyber School. HE meets customer expectations by delivering competent career professionals with tactical and operational unit experience in the Maneuver and Intelligence war-fighting functions. HE instructors review, modify and instruct course material and assist in the development of training support documents including lessons plans and practical exercises. HE personnel instruct both the Cyber Captains Career Course (CyCCC) and the Cyber Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC). The instruction material covers a variety of topics including Leadership, Critical Thinking, Offensive and Defensive Operations, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield / Battle-space (IPB), Targeting and Planning at multiple echelons.

Training is focused on the core competencies associated with planning and conducting Unified Land Operations within Army and joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (JIIM) environments as well as advanced Cyberspace Operations training and culminates with an immersive, team-based Cyberspace Response Assessment.