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Orlando Gaming Simulation Training Services

If your organization requires the development of gaming and simulation services intended for training and execution, HigherEchelon’s Orlando gaming simulation training services can help. With a dedicated team of programmers, engineers, and designers on hand, we can assist any organizations in the local area with any needs, whether they are custom-built solutions or iterations of previously established services.

Why Choose Us?

Our gaming and simulation department consists of professionals with years of experience in games and software development and adapting them for instructional purposes.

  • Our team is comprised of veteran professionals in game development, game design, technical support, programming, and more.
  • We have a wide variety of experience developing games and simulations across numerous engines, platforms, and operating systems for your convenience.
  • We have successfully developed gaming and simulation software and hardware for notable organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Our experience, team, and results speak for themselves.

Gaming & Simulation Training Can Be Valuable to Organizations

Organizations may find that gaming simulation services can be invaluable in the development of personnel.

  • Simulation is a cost-effective alternative to real-world training that may be more costly and dangerous in the long run.
  • Games and simulation allow organizations to effectively evaluate their personnel in circumstances that emulate real-world conditions. This enables them to make the adjustments and iterations that may not otherwise be possible.
  • Simulations allow organizations to practice tactics and techniques that may otherwise be difficult to practice.

Our Orlando gaming simulation training services essentially offer organizations a convenient, immersive way to train their personnel in certain situations.

We Have Experience in All Platforms and Operating Systems

At HigherEchelon, our game development team is exceptionally qualified to design, develop, and deploy cutting-edge gaming and simulation services to organizations. Comprised of seasoned veterans, they have years of experience working with a variety of game engines, including:

  • Unreal
  • Unity
  • Virtual Battlespace (VBS)

Additionally, due to their experience, they are able to provide gaming and simulation solutions across multiple platforms and operating systems. This includes:

  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Browser platforms

We have also made strides in researching and developing for emergent technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

HigherEchelon Has a Proven Record of Success

Our track record with games and simulation services is well-regarded in the industry, due to key contributions we have made in the military sector. We have a working relationship with the Army Game Studio in a collaborative effort to design and develop unique simulation and training solutions for those serving our country. Some of our notable accomplishments includes:

  • The development and maintenance of the America’s Army Platform, a series of military shooters initially designed as a tactical training simulation for the Army.
  • Technical support for GoArmy Edge, a suite of apps that allows military coaches and athletes to practice in a virtual environment in order to prepare for real-world competition.
  • Development support for the Institutional Conduct of Fire Trainer (IFCOCT), a simulator of the Avengers Air Defense System. This allows servicemembers to execute and understand the proper rules of engagement in an immersive virtual environment.

Contact Us for Cost-Effective Gaming Simulation Training Services in Orlando

If you have any questions about the Orlando gaming simulation training services we offer, please contact us today. Our work with the military and other organizations has shown the value of simulators and other training aids in the growth of your personnel. See how we can help your organization today.