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American Clothing Company

Background: Recently, HigherEchelon provided RAL© training to a fast-growing American clothing company that specializes in performance menswear. Launched in 2012, the firm has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health, ESPN and MSNBC, and it has been endorsed by world famous athletes and top tier retailers across the country.

Situation Since inception, the company has been largely comprised of young, millennial professionals in their second or third job. While committed and dedicated to their work, the leadership team felt that their workforce’s performance and communication were not optimal. The company leadership wanted to increase employee engagement, develop a culture of high performance, and develop leadership growth and execution. To assess the current state, they conducted an employee engagement survey that identified four focus areas to further develop the workforce: critical thinking, leadership principles, general effectiveness, and direct sales effectiveness.

Solution: After reviewing the initial survey results and interviewing the leadership team to further conceptualize the challenges, HigherEchelon customized a solution aimed at enhancing the understanding and application of the science of high performance, adopting an ownership mentality through leadership development, and creating and enhancing a culture reflective of the company’s values, principles, and objectives.

Impacts: After the year-long engagement, HigherEchelon’s high performance training helped improve the leaders’ ability to focus on the critical components of a high functioning team. Leader involvement improved the level of employee engagement, which in turn helped close the culture gap and further instilled the company’s values into every employee. As a result, the improved culture and level of engagement expanded the organizational mindset beyond individual/departmental performance and helped unlock their organizational potential, which increased overall effectiveness in sales and operations. Today, this company continues to grow due to their amazing products and the investments they make in their people.