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RAL Adaptive Leader

Adaptive Leader Application 1

Marta is an executive in a company that manufactures piping and fittings for residential plumbing. Faced with the task of reducing production costs company-wide, Marta rose to the challenge with several initiatives. The company chose to move forward with two of Marta’s proposals: 1) limit production to one material (a new synthetic tubing that was more durable and cost-effective than copper, iron or brass), and 2) consolidate that manufacture into fewer factories. Marta was praised for her problem-solving skill, and the changes proved cost-effective in the short-term.

Unfortunately, the synthetic material began to meet bad press, and is falling from grace amidst concerns that it poses health risks as it ages and leaches into the drinking water.

This is the first major set-back in Marta’s previously successful career. She enjoyed success with her first two companies, then earned her graduate degree from a top business school, and continued her climb up the proverbial ladder in her current company. Now, faced with this significant set-back, Marta feels deflated. For the first time, she is unsure of her ability to solve problems, and she is uncertain of her company’s future. Marta has never faced such challenges. How can she prove herself resilient?

The path to success is never a straight line. Marta’s case is not uncommon, but unfortunately, it is uncommon for people to invest the time and resources it takes to develop skills and competencies to be both resilient and adaptable. Our program leans on years of research that has been utilized by Naval Special Forces, surgeons, and other high performing, high-pressure teams. The fact of the mater is – you can develop skills to become more resilient and we can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Adaptive Leader Application 2

Tristan leads the marketing and sales initiatives for an on-line clothing retailer. It was his idea, in fact, to establish business on-line only, and growth was phenomenal until last year. Now, as the omni-channel retail model is becoming popular, with consumers demanding a seamless experience between showroom and mobile ordering, Tristan’s superiors are clamoring for the addition of a physical retail estate…brand and product showrooms that will drive revenue across all channels. Tristan has no experience in shaping retail landscapes, and he is reacting defensively to the tangible showroom model.

True growth occurs only when we push beyond our comfort zone. Since he has no experience in shaping retail landscapes, Tristan may be driven by his fear of the unkown. However, a critical component of an adaptable leader is the willingness to experiment and innovate. Adaptability, like other leadership skills, is coachable, and we can help you push beyond your comfort zone to become more adaptable. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Adaptive Leader Application 3

Lana has enjoyed a 15-year sales career in the aerospace industry. Her company is an OEM, and she maintains close relationships with a host of major clients. Lana’s company has long been known for its R&D, and Lana’s clients have depended on her to keep them at the forefront of related technology.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, the R&D group has been less productive than in previous years. The number of new products has decreased substantially, while their up-and-coming competitors are innovating rapidly and widely. Now, after 15 years with the sales force—five of those in a leadership role—Lana is questioning whether she can maintain success and continue to build her career in this company.

One component of an adaptable leader is to be able to uncover what is not immediately perceptible. Lana may need to look beneath the surface that R&D is not producing as much as they have in previous years, and examine whether there needs to be more focus on human development or if she needs to rethink strategy. HigherEchelon can help leaders rethink strategy, and then design a culture to support that strategy. Contact us to schedule a consultation.