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RAL Advanced Goal Setting

Advanced Goal Setting Application

Marco cares about sustaining the planet, and he cares about making money. Recognizing that “green is the new black,” and that 22% of consumers will actively spend more to buy green, Marco has decided to found a company that will offer new and exciting pollution-control technologies.

With such a lofty goal as impacting the environment, Marco knows that R&D will be the mainstay of this company. He will need individuals who are technologically savvy, and they will need to work across industries. His goal is to source globally in order to garner the very best talent in each related field.

Having pulled top performers from around the world, the company now needs to turn these individuals into a highly functioning team of complementary players. Marco’s goal—and HR’s—is to provide the resources to achieve all interdisciplinary goals while assuring the varied cultures are enabled and empowered to work together.

With experience consulting and studying high performing teams in professional sports and Special Forces, HigherEchelon knows the importance of creating the right team environment. Our team can help you create culture where goal-directed behavior is commonplace and interdisciplinary collaboration is seamless. Contact us to schedule a consultation.