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RAL Control Your Energy

Control Your Energy Application 1

Carlos is the founding partner in a Consulting Firm. He advises clients on legal matters, and he knows that his advice often means success or failure for these clients. Over the years, many of his clients have also become his friends.

Carlos is married with 3 young children—ages 10, 5 and 3. He is 42 years old. He works 14-hour days, and often finds himself catching up loose ends during the weekend. Carlos is constantly disappointed because he misses family engagements, including his kids’ ballgames, as his evenings and weekends are seldom free. He doesn’t sleep well, so he feels tired most of the time. There is no time for exercise, and his diet consists of meals he can grab between appointments.

Many people believe that time management is the key to overcoming the challenges and disappointments Carlos is facing. However, high performers know that managing energy, not time, is the solution. Learning how to generate more energy and manage that energy so that it is available to you when you need it is a skill we can teach you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Control Your Energy Application 2

Patricia is the Human Resources Manager in a large manufacturing company. Her business unit has enjoyed huge success in the past. They have consistently met and exceeded sales goals, and cost containment efforts have worked. They even garnered several highly coveted prizes for continuous improvement in quality processes and product. All of this led to profitability and kudos.

But with increased pressure to continue gains in profitability, the climate is changing. More operations are moving to remote facilities. With the resulting lay-offs facing local production workers, and engineers and scientists leaving the company in fear, the H R Manager’s job is becoming increasingly stressful. The Training Manager is gone, and Patricia must fill that role as well as her own, while responding to the deflated morale of the workforce.

Patricia is 45 years old and a part of the “sandwich generation.” Her children are still at home, and her parents’ health is failing. She deals with negativity and fear at work all day, then faces a mother with Alzheimer’s in the evening.

Lately, Patricia has experienced stomach pain. She has been diagnosed with GERD—Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Her physician says this is likely the result of stress in her life, and advises her that peptic ulcer may be next. The physician’s prescription: “Reduce your level of stress!”

It is well known that the mind affects the body. We’re unable to control much in this world, but one thing we all have control over is our mind. Managing stress is both art and science, and we can guide you to effectively manage stress so that it doesn’t control you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.