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RAL Self Awareness

Self Awareness Application

When the 75-member Advisory Council of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business was asked to recommend the most important capability for leaders to develop, the answer was nearly unanimous: self-awareness. Yet, many leaders, especially those early in their careers, try so hard to establish themselves that they leave little time for self-exploration. They strive to achieve success in tangible ways that are recognized in the external world—money, fame, power, status, or a rising stock price. Often, their drive enables professional success for a while, but they are unable to sustain that success. As they age, they may find something missing in their lives and realize they are not who they wish to be. Knowing one’s authentic self requires the courage and honesty to open up and examine one’s experiences. In doing so, leaders become more humane and willing to be vulnerable.

HigherEchelon’s team has been studying leadership and human performance for over two decades. Our assessment platform is unlike any of the “big five” personality assessments because our assessments have strong reliability and assess critical social-cognitive skills that are learned and can be achieved by anyone. Developing strong self-awareness is a critical first step in taking your leadership to the next level. Contact us to schedule a consultation.