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Seattle Gaming Simulation Training Services

HigherEchelon has a team of talented engineers, programmers, and developers who can assist with any needs regarding Seattle gaming simulation training services. Various simulations can be effective media for training employees in an organization, and we have the experience and know-how to create custom-built solutions for companies in all industries.

Why Choose Us?

Our gaming and simulation team brings years of experience rooted in games development — adapted to create effective training tools for all companies.

  • Our team is composed of seasoned veterans in games development, technical support, game design, and traditional programming.
  • Our skills are versatile, with experience in developing in multiple different game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, and Virtual Battlespace (VBS).
  • We provide development and support through multiple platforms and operating systems. This includes Windows, Linux, mobile platforms, and browser technologies.
  • We have proven results, developing successful training simulators and games for multiple organizations within both public and private sectors.

Why Is Gaming and Simulation Necessary?

Gaming simulation training services in Seattle can provide unique benefits to local organizations that require practical learning for its employees.

  • Simulation can often be a cost-effective alternative for circumstances where real-world training offers budgetary and/or practical limits. This includes industries such as aviation and piloting, where flying is necessary to retain essential skills.
  • Games and simulation can also allow organizations to practice their tactical skills, without any of the potential real-world consequences. For example, the military sector may opt for a simulation to practice war-time tactics — without the dire consequences of an actual war.
  • Gaming and simulation allows companies to evaluate their employees and products in a method more typical of real-world conditions. This may allow organizations to react and iterate in ways that previously were not realistic.

Seattle Gaming Simulation Services Provide Useful Training for Local Industries

Our skills in simulation development can be invaluable in assisting the training and instruction of those working within Seattle’s most notable industries. This includes companies in:

  • Aviation. Some of these companies may require the needs of flight simulators and other training aids.
  • Logistics. Simulating real-world conditions through virtual reality or other means can be effective in improving the productivity of a logistics company.

Additionally, the greater Seattle area is a notable hub for tech startups and established tech giants. Many of these organizations may require consultation and collaboration on services that promote training through games and simulation.

HigherEchelon Provides Essential Simulation Support

Our games and simulation team has extensive experience assisting in the development of numerous simulations — most notably in the public sector. We’ve collaborated with the Army Game Studio to design, development, and deploy simulations and games essential to the training and development of operatives in the military sector. These accomplishments include:

  • The ongoing development of the America’s Army Platform, a series of military shooters with an engine that doubles as an effective foundation for simulation training of numerous Army tasks.
  • Supporting GoArmy Edge, a suite of apps designed to help military coaches and athletes practice in a virtual environment in preparation for real competition.
  • Supporting the development of the Institutional Conduct of Fire Trainer (IFCOFT), a training aid that simulates use of the Avenger Air Defense System. Putting trainers in control of the Avenger anti-air defense weapon allows them to understand the decision-making processes and split-second thinking behind air-defense engagements.

HigherEchelon has effectively produced tools that aid our military in training and tactics on a daily basis.

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Games and simulation can be invaluable training tools in any company. Contact us today to learn more about our Seattle gaming simulation training services and to see how we can provide these tools, custom-tailored to your needs.