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Cyber CP/CT Instructor Support

This contract provides Cyber Instructional training and training support services to the US Army Cyber School, Cyber Center of Excellence, Fort Eisenhower, Georgia.  HigherEchelon provides Cyber course instruction and courseware refinement for all courses including: 17C Cyber Operations Specialist Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and Senior Leaders Course (SLC); 170A Cyber Operations Technician Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) and Warrant Officer Advance Course (WOAC); 170D Cyber Capabilities Developer Technician WOBC and WOAC; 17A Cyber Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC-B and Direct Commission) and Captains Career Course (CCC); 17A  Cyber Operations Officer (Cert) Course (CYOOC); 17D Cyber Capabilities Development Officer BOLC and CCC; Cyber Common Technical Core (CCTC) course and the Cyberspace Response Assessment (CSRA) Capstone Module.