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The HigherEchelon (HE) Team is a SDVOSB and has delivered in the areas of IT Support, System Design, Engineering, Leadership Development and Organizational Performance, among other similar contract services. We have a highly successful track record of quickly responding to government client critical requests and exceeding expectations. HE’s talented individuals and consistently positive results have earned the respect of government agencies and major government contracting agencies. HigherEchelon supports the following NAICS codes: 541330, 541511, 541512, 541519, 541611, 541612,, 541618, 541690, 541715, 541720, 541990, 611430, 611699 and 611710. HigherEchelon’s program/project management services are focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations through detailed management to ensure successful completion on time and under budget. We support our clients’ visions with our results-based approached to management, while enabling success through effective communication. Strengths of HigherEchelon’s program/project management include:

  • Building effective teams of high performing individuals
  • Utilizing process-oriented systems to ensure consistent quality and service
  • Focusing on exceptional communication to ensure all stakeholders’ needs are met

An organization with a strong corporate culture of shared values and beliefs about the purpose of the business, its services, and treatment of its team members should be consistent with the strategy to adapt to the external environment in order to facilitate consistent performance. Leaders at all levels of organizations should be responsible for determining compatible improvement programs, management systems, and structural forms to improve the efficiency, innovation, adaptation, process reliability, and human capital of the organization. Increased globalization and international commerce, technological advancements, a diversified workforce, globalized cultural values, new forms of social networking, and increased virtual interactions have led to more need for adaptive, flexible, and innovative leaders. In order for organizations to consistently experience effective performance, all leaders in the organization must be flexible, adaptive, and cooperative. HigherEchelon can provide the critical personnel and expertise to provide program management consultation to execute programs effectively and to meet the needs of its clients. Contact HigherEchelon to consult with program managers and work with team members to generate innovative solutions to complex global problems.

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